Lucky Fashion - How To Dress For Your Chinese Zodiac

Lucky Fashion - How To Dress For Your Chinese Zodiac

Do you want to know how to dress according to your Chinese zodiac sign? Are you looking for fashion advice that speaks to your unique personality type? Lucky Fashion is here to help! In this blog article, we will discuss how to create an ensemble that reflects the essence of your Chinese zodiac sign. From colors and fabrics to styles and trends, we will provide you with all the fashion tips you need to make sure you look your best. Read on to learn more about dressing for your Chinese zodiac sign!

When someone asks you your sign, you most likely will respond with “Capricorn”, “Aries”, or whichever sign your birth month correlates with. What you may not realize is that this Western zodiac is completely different than the Chinese zodiac, which is based off of birth year.



Each sign of the Chinese zodiac comes with its own lucky charms and colors, so why not let that inspire a style that’s as unique as your personality? Whether it’s incorporating a certain flower, number, or print, we can show you how to dress for your zodiac sign!



Those born in the year of the Rat are said to be both social and charming, with a bit of an artistic side. Your lucky colors are blue, gold, and green, which pair well together but also leaves some room for creativity. Try color blocking a blue top with a green skirt, and then accessorizing with a chunky gold belt. Your lucky flowers are lilies and African violets, so add in purple earrings for another splash of color.



Lucky number one is more on the conservative side, but with your best colors being red and blue it's impossible to be too subdued. A bold Americana look with printed leggings and a black leather jacket will keep you balanced.



It's no surprise that Tigers are said to be powerful and brave, so it's no surprise that they like to make a statement when it comes to their outfits. Go toward vivid colors like orange in unique silhouettes. You'll also feel confident in blue, gray, and white. Make sure to accessorize with 3 or 4 pieces of jewelry, since these are your lucky numbers!





A more timid sign, your fashion choices will be more feminine and sometimes flirty. Red and pink work perfectly to show your romantic side, and wearing a floral print dress in a flowing fabric will showcase your softer side. Just like the Tiger, wear your accessories in 3's or 4's to make your day lucky.



The Dragon is an authority in both Chinese culture and in fashion. You can handle wearing the latest trends, but are also an authority on what's come before. Only you could pull off a retro style dress in shimmering gold, and mix it up with silver accent jewelry.





Snakes are the epitome of chic and gravitate towards more classic styles. A little black dress with a red lip is fine, because these are both the Snakes’ lucky colors. Cactus may be hard to find, but putting an orchid flower in your hair will bring in extra luck!





The fall season may be a favorite of the Horse. Layered casual looks will work best for you. Try a purple sweater, brown boots, and a yellow scarf to pull all your lucky colors together. Lilies are popular in steampunk fashion, and the calla variety will bring you the best fortune.





The Goat is thought to be one of the most kind and calm signs. You wear what you feel most comfortable in, and will feel lucky wearing green, red, and purple. To make your style truly your own, wear a piece of handmade jewelry.




The jokesters of the zodiac, Monkeys are not afraid to have fun. A bright blue bodycon dress, white high-heels, and a killer gold clutch will have you turning heads. For the men, number 7 cuff links are an easy way to carry a little luck with you all day.





Just like the story goes, Roosters are the alarm clock of the zodiac. Your style is just as bright as your personality, and you can dress it up or down. A brown suede skirt and yellow cardigan work well to show your style versatility.





The Dog loves to be seen, but also wants to look approachable. For this reason minimalist styles with a slight edge work best for you. Fringe transitions well into any season, so try an olive green fringe bag or boot with a modern black midi dress. Purple lipstick and red nails will complete your lucky look.





As a symbol of wealth, anyone born into the year of the Pig must be on their fashion A-game. You would think oversized sweaters for a Pig, but more tailored styles like fitted blazers should also be staples in your closet. Make sure there are plenty of gold’s, browns, and grays for the best luck.




What year were you born in? Do you prefer the Western or Chinese zodiac? Let us know in the comments below!




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