Mad For Plaid: How to Wear Plaid Patterns

Mad For Plaid: How to Wear Plaid Patterns

As we endure the last several weeks of winter, it's easy to lose inspiration for what to wear. The thought of putting anything on besides an oversided hoodie is daunting, and we just want a pattern that will make our outfits pop. Rocking a plaid is a great way to add color and texture to an outfit. Check out some styles below for punk plaid inspiration!

Plaid Dresses

You can't go wrong with a plaid dress that will bring out your punk rock style. Try pairing your plaid dress with a dark, vampy lip color, black tights for extra warmth, and a neutral toned jacket to allow the plaid pattern to be the main focus of your outfit. For the evening, over-the-knee boots are a great addition to dress up your outfit. 

How to style a plaid dress with a neutral toned jacket, over- the- knee boots, and delicate jewelry.

Plaid Pants

It's easy to be intimidated by wearing bold printed pants, but choosing the right silhouette and style will create an undoubtedly seamless look. Go for a pair of slimfit plaid punk pants to contour your shape and pair it with a flowy, solid color t- shirt and a leather motorcycle jacket. This mix of slimfit pants with a flowy shirt will balance out your silhouette and keep your style cool and comfortable. 

Style slim fit plaid pants with a leather biker jacket and a flowy, solid color t- shirt.

Plaid Shirts

The best thing about plaid shirts is that they're often made with a soft, flannel material. One effortless way to wear a plaid shirt is to simply button it up and pair it with distressed, black jeans and a great pair of ankle boots. For a more oversized fit and vintage feel, try shopping for men's retro plaid shirts.

Button up your plaid flannel shirt and pair it with dark, distressed denim. Adding a peacoat on top will complete your look and keep you warm!

Plaid Layering

Another perfect way to wear a plaid shirt is to layer it over a graphic t-shirt. Finishing off this look with a pair of casual sneakers will make this look more comfortable to be on the go all day, and changing into strappy stilettos will transform your outfit for the night.

Layer a graphic t- shirt underneath a plaid button up for an easy, casual look.

Which of these plaid looks is your favorite? What are your go- to patterns that you love? Let us know by leaving a comment! 

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