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Many Would Say This Man Looks Like A Dangerous Criminal. The Truth Would Blow Their Minds...

Teri Bildstein Last update: 03-01-2019
Many Would Say This Man Looks Like A Dangerous Criminal. The Truth Would Blow Their Minds...

Many of our fans have made it known, they love a man with tattoos! But we all know society can be more than a little judgemental when they encounter a person who has taken their alternative look to the extreme.

Model: Daze I Photographer: Juan Fleitas

We have recently started interviewing alternative models to showcase the people behind the photos and thought it would only be fair to include the life of a man living in this highly competitive world. When we came across Daze's images, we knew we had found someone special. 

Fallen Angel
Fallen angel in a field. Model: Daze I Photographer: Jean-Paul

With his long dreads, abundance of tattoos, and massive beard, Daze's look could certainly be described as extreme. Some of you may recognize Daze from his work as a model, in music videos, or his popular Instagram account. From behind his ink and hair shines a personality that fluidly shifts from intensity to amusement, depending on the scene.

Where The Wild Things Are
Where The Wild Things Are - Model: Daze I Photographer: Max Reed

In addition to modeling, Daze is also an artist; as comfortable behind the camera, with hair design, and tattoo application as he is in the bold images he has been captured in.

Behind The Scenes
Photographer: Juan Fleitas

When we reached out to Daze, he enthusiastically agreed to share more of himself and his work with our readers.

What do you wish more people knew about you or your industry in general? 

My work is extremely important to me because I try to capture a feeling or emotion or try to tell a story for my viewers. I love movies so they are definetly a huge inspiration in my life work. I can just imagine and picture everything in my life as if it were a movie, something like a story of my life. So, I tend to lose myself in my work because I try to create breathetaking, captivating images that people can relate to just by looking at a picture. With my pictures, I tend to add a caption that many can relate to, or even motivate people. Like a nice inspirational quote to move people or give knowledge, hope, wisdom etc. 

Trying to relay so much information in an image -  Do you find it difficult to trust others to help create your vision? Is it easier for you to just handle all aspects on your own? Do you think that has led to you branching into so many areas of creativity? 

When it comes to my images and projects, I do my research on who exactly I want involved in my projects. Just because I need to put out a message and I need everything to be well executed. It is my work of art and I am a total perfectionist in everything I put my heart and soul in. I do so much, I need to be anal and pay attention to detail in everything, so the work will speak for itself. Whether it's tattoos, photos, haircut, painting, modeling; anything I do, all these forms of art, are my passion.

I am just a multi talented artist with a lot of  PASSION...

Medusa I Photographer: Juan Fleitas

For your quotes - Do you tend to return to movies or are there particular people who you find deeply inspiring?

Well, I am a huge movie fanatic. I love movies and can relate to many sorts of movies, by the message, captions, scenarios, emotions, etc; and there are so many inspiring actors in every movie I watch.

When it comes to my quotes, it can all relate to maybe how I am feeling at that moment, or what the picture makes me feel, or what i see in the picture that inspires me. At the same time, I want to share myself with my viewers to come to a mutual understanding; whether that's sharing a sad moment, love, hate, fear, passion, courage, life etc. Any emotion or thoughts and perspective. I want to show everyone that anyone can feel the same and we all can relate to all these feelings and emotions.

You recently posted a photo with the caption Do more than just exist -CHANGE:  What areas of life do you think are most in need of change?

Well, in that post, I wanted to tell everyone to stop wasting their time complaining about life, and make a change do something memorable in life... All the greats did something. Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, Gandi, Jim Morrison, Led Zepplin, Salvador Dali, Walt Disney; all of them had a message, a story, an impact in life. I can go on and on about who else made impacts and inspirations and even some greats still alive today. But the point is to do it, even if it scares you. You never know what might come out of it in the end if you dont take that risk.

Fallen Angel
Model: Daze I Photographer: Jean-Paul

This year it was announced that Zoolander 2 is on the way. Did you see the first movie? If so, the stereotypes depicted regarding male models,have you encountered people who make those assumptions based on that portion of your career? 

Yes, I have seen the movie Zoolander. I can say it was one hell of a funny movie and has several of my fave actors. Now, I'm not quite sure I can say I have been stereotyped to those categories or that would relate much, just because they were more into that type of fashion industry. My sort of modeling is more in the alternative route , more of a grunge, hardcore look I suppose, due to the massive amounts of tattoos, the beard , the long dreads etc... I am a free bird, a pirate, that answers to no one, and I am capable of expressing myself however I please.

Not many can say that. Example, most people in society need to dress or look a certain way in order to get to where they are at in their business, job, presentation etc. I am grateful that I am not in that category, where I would need to hide or pretend to be someone I am not.

This is why I express myself freely. To show everyone that you can, too. Don't be controlled by society and their point of view. Create your path and envision a future you can enjoy and embrace life for how it is given to you.

Because we will never be here to experience this again.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style, if I were to have any, is quite simple... yet complicated.  I'd think.. hahah lol  I would say,I have a bit of mystery to myself but also, I am free and expressive, yet fearless and curious. I consider myself and claim to be a LOST SOUL... a modern day PIRATE ... just roaming these lands. Im quite open minded and have a thirst for adventure, I love to travel and meet new people.

Where The Wild Things Are
Models: Daze and Katerina Montez I Photographer: Max Reed

Of all the places you have been, where have you found the most people like yourself? The area you would consider full of creativity and acceptance?

Well.. I have been to quite a few beautiful spots and I am hoping to venture out some more... but the ones that make a huge impact on me were:

Hawaii- It was beautiful out there, so relaxing and just stress free. Of course,  it was a vacation.

Los Angeles, California was awesome. I felt like I can relate there and be accepted with out much judgement. No matter where you go in life, you will be judged at all times. Whether tattooed or not, different or normal, society tends to judge. This is inevitable. It's human nature, no matter how hard we try not to, we will always be judged. From the clothes we wear, to the style of haircut, our personal hygiene, etc... everyone loves to judge. Don't get me wrong, sometimes, it is not even done with bad intentions, but at some point, we all judge.

Also, Medellin, Colombia was another interesting place to visit. Just because I stood out like crazy out there but they were all just intrigued and mesmerized with my look. 

So, are movies a direction you see yourself moving in the future? Or do you prefer still photography? 

I have been featured in independent films and music videos and tv shows, etc... Yes, I have always dreamed of starring in movies.

Am I in a hurry? No. Am I ready? Maybe!

But at the moment, I am just letting nature take its course and whatever comes my way; I shall conquer it as always or die trying. But yes, hopefully I can venture out and add on to my many talents the title of " actor ". That would be a dream come true.

Can you spot Daze in this video from The Pretty Reckless?

Taking a look at your blog, you seem to have an appreciation for strong women. What attributes do you admire most? 

I love women PERIOD... hahaha In general, I love everything about a woman. Curves, hair, eyes, legs, their mind and ways of thinking. How they all carry themselves, it is all a huge mystery and I love to to encounter them.

I can say I'm extremely curious and it drives me crazy... well, WOMEN drive me crazy ... literally, mentally and emotionally... 

Also, I just love a woman who is confident and appreciates herself and knows her worth and value... and is proud to be who she was destined to be...

Badass Woman
Photographer: Daze

Do you have any specific projects on the horizon that you are particularly excited about?

I always have projects I am excited about. I'm excited about any new venture I get involved with. I am always curious and I am always looking to WOW people.

If you would like to see more of Daze; check out his website, Facebook, and Instagram and you can find more of his work from behind the camera at the bottom of this post.

Do you think the world will ever move past judging people based on their looks? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

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