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Meet Julia - In The April 2015 Rebel Spotlight

Teri Bildstein Published On: 20-04-2015
Meet Julia - In The April 2015 Rebel Spotlight

Meet Julia, today’s star in the Rebel Spotlight!

Julia.jpgLike Steph, Julia replied to our Facebook inquiry for our fans’ definition of Rebel.  

What is your definition of a Rebel? 

Someone who does what everyone else thinks is unusual-whether that's being nice to everyone you see, or wearing a thick black star on your forehead-it's doing you, knowing other people are going talk about it negatively, and doing it anyways because you know in your heart what it offers you in this life is worth something TO YOU.

We asked Julia who she thinks is walking the walk; a person she admires or you think people should know about...  

Oh, God! I don't know that there is just one. I suppose I'd have to say Queen of Blending and Heather Makeup Mouse are two big ones to me, they are two of many MUA's that got me started with my own passion for makeup. I saw that they were different, and that they loved vivid colors and didn't care if the looks they were putting out there were conventional or "everyday".

I could honestly name countless other talented people, but these two practically raised me-and they don't even know it!

So you are you also a makeup artist?  Or do you keep your creativity for your own look? 

I want to be an MUA! I do my make up, and I've documented my progress, done a few friends and a local dance troupe, but I don't want to say I am one because I'm  not certified yet.

Right now, I'm a Cashier and I'm working toward getting into the local cosmetology school so I can get started in a local salon.

Do you have any photos of your work you would like to share?


Julia Makeup Sample - Follow her on Instagram @makeup_by_juls

Practice really makes perfect! And documenting every step is an amazing way to help yourself improve! I learned everything I know about makeup from Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I hate hearing someone say, "I could never do something like that," "I don't how to blend those kinds of colors," "I can't draw a straight line for my life"

You can! It will take time, and you have to want to put in the effort like anything else, but you can do it!

I'm sure that when I said I wanted to give this makeup thing a shot, plenty of people rolled their eyes. But now I'm getting asked to do weddings, events, or even just everyday work make up. Granted, it's by friends and family, but I can feel myself moving forward. I'm sure some people will be shocked to see where I end up-I hope I'm shocked, too!

(You can find more of Julia’s creativity on Instagram)

I am going to guess by the vibrant colors you use, boring isn't your thing. How would you describe your style?

If you could have a neon business woman who is a weekend hippy-that would be my style. I love all things neat and structured-but I crave color and I never do my hair. I hardly even brush it. I probably just look frazzled to everybody else, but I think all hair looks best untouched. I like the cave woman look

We asked Julia to put together an outfit from items on RebelsMarket that she felt best fit her style.
She roamed between the Girls' and Guys' sections to create a look that is out of this world.  

You can find Galaxy inspired items here 

Julia's Galaxy inspired Fashion

Do you get this creative with makeup and fashion? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!