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Meet The Lingerie Expert And Ask All Of Your Questions About Bras, Panties, Corsets, And Other Unmentionables

Meet The Lingerie Expert And Ask All Of Your Questions About Bras, Panties, Corsets, And Other Unmentionables

Are you curious about lingerie, but don't know where to start? Look no further! Join us as we meet with a lingerie expert for a crash course on all things bras, panties, corsets, and other unmentionables. In this blog post, we'll ask all of your burning questions and learn the basics of lingerie styling, fitting, and maintenance. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready to dive into the world of lingerie!

The word lingerie was originally introduced as a euphemism for scandalous "under-linen". Through the years it has evolved into a beautiful, but confusing, field of fashion. Bras, corsets, period panties, garters...So many choices also lead to a lot of questions. What styles to choose, what size to try, and questions about new garments are common; and we are here to help give answers to those who may feel lost in a sea of underwear.


Your Fashion Confusion Solved By Our Expert
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While some women are happy to pull on a pair of cotton panties and a standard bra; others take great pleasure in styling their lingerie as carefully as they do their public outfit. For many, the added layer of luxury gives a boost of confidence in their daily travels. Others may just want to try something special for an event or a new outfit.


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When the RebelsMarket customer support team mentioned the number of emails they receive with questions about lingerie; we decided to get proactive about finding solutions for our fans. We began scouring the internet for an expert in the field who would be able to address a variety of questions.

Enter, Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict. As her blog title suggests, she is in love with the world of lingerie and has become an expert in the field. She has been writing about lingerie for over 5 years now and can help find solutions to almost any dilemma.


Meet Cora: The Lingerie Addict


We asked Cora if she would be willing to help out with some of our lingerie related questions and she jumped at the opportunity to take on a new challenge. Cora is going to publish a Question and Answer segment based on questions from our RebelsMarket community.

To be considered for inclusion, all you have to do is send your questions to with Lingerie Addict in the subject line. We recognize that lingerie can be a delicate topic (pardon the pun); so we will keep all inquiries on a first name basis and you are welcome to use an alias.

To find out more about Cora, just keep reading…


Q. First of all, what was the first sign your love of lingerie had turned into a full blown addiction?


Hmmm...I think when I started obsessively searching for lingerie information, and then realized how little of it was out there, I became a bonafide addict. When I started writing about lingerie, there were only about 5 lingerie blogs out there, and while they were all fun to read, they didn’t really get into the history of lingerie or the styling of it or how to buy it. As I learned more about all of those things, I realized there was an entire world of intimate apparel that had been more or less unexplored, and I felt compelled to share it with others. Even now, lingerie is a source of endless fascination to me. There are so many layers to understanding intimate apparel - culturally, historically, technologically, etc. - that I never get tired of talking about the subject.


Q. How often do you find yourself styling an outfit around the lingerie you feel like wearing?


I would say my lingerie is more or less invisible in my daily life. While lingerie-as-outerwear is definitely a popular look, my own personal joy comes from wearing something just for me that isn’t necessarily part of an overall, external look. My day to day attire is actually pretty casual (I live in the Pacific Northwest and work from home), but I still feel like I’m dressed up if I’m wearing something beautiful and soft against my skin.


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Q. Why do you think discussing undergarments is still embarrassing for so many people?


For so many people, especially in the United States, lingerie automatically equates to sex. Some of it’s cultural and some of it’s marketing, but I think lots of people have never even considered that it’s possible to have a conversation about lingerie without also discussing one’s sex life. When lingerie is seen as something to be ashamed of or hidden away, it becomes a source of stigma. You’re not supposed to talk about it because it’s dirty/inappropriate/improper/etc. But lingerie doesn’t have to be like that. It’s a part of the fashion world, as much as shoes or handbags or coats or jewelry.


Q. Many celebrities have the freedom to share their lingerie in a more public fashion. Who’s style do you love the most?


I’m a huge of Dita von Teese’s style. She incorporates lingerie into her daily looks in impeccable fashion. She also designs her own lingerie line, and it’s gorgeous. Rihanna is another celeb who’s amazing at mixing lingerie into her personal style. She comes up with looks that are very modern, very avant garde; it’s wonderful.


Lingerie Style Inspiration: Rihanna


Q. What pieces and styles would you consider necessary if you were designing your own line of lingerie?


Well, while I definitely have no plans to design my own lingerie line, I have to confess that I’m bit fixated on loungewear at the moment. Bras are finicky to get right, and everyone sells panties; but comfortable, beautiful loungewear is still something of a rarity. I love the idea of incorporating classic silhouettes like dressing gowns, wide leg pajamas, and unstructured chemises into a modern day lingerie line.

If you have a question for Cora, send it in! Just email and put Lingerie Addict in the subject line. You can also leave questions and feeback in the comments below.

All photos of Cora are from her personal collection and were shot by Lydia Hudgens.


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