4 Kick-Ass Santa X-Mas Memes

4 Kick-Ass Santa X-Mas Memes
Hey Rebels, we wish you all a Merry X-mas and since we have so many different Rebel nationalities here a few more 

Merry Christmas in Italian:
Buon Natale

Merry Christmas in Portuguese:
Feliz Natal

Merry Christmas in Japanese:

Merry Christmas in Russian:
С Рождеством

Merry Christmas in Dutch:
Vrolijk kerstfeest

Merry Christmas in Swedish:
God jul

Merry Christmas in Czech:
Veselé vánoce

Merry Christmas in Turkish:
Mutlu Noeller


Please add "Merry Cristmas" in your language in the comments below...

We collected a few cool X-mas Greetings & memes matching our philosophy & attitude! 

Check out our Biker Santa on his new Harley seems like he works out the rest of the year :D



I always knew it....Santa Clause is tattooed from head to toe. Pretty awesome...anyone know the tattoo artist? ;-)


This one is such great artwork..Evil Santa. I dont want him to come down the chimney do you? Make sure to join these cool tattoo pages...they share awesome tattoos, trends & fun things all day!


Have fun with your family & relatives....dont let your Granny complain about your new tattoos! Do your conservative relatives rant about your body art?


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