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Netflix And Chill Like An Adult

Elana Pruitt Update on 28-06-2018
Netflix And Chill Like An Adult

Find out what to watch, what to wear, and what to serve so you can Netflix and chill!


The concept of “Netflix and chill” has a humorous meaning in social media’s pop culture sphere. It’s basically the creative catchphrase for watching a movie at home with someone and doing more than just mentally “connecting” over a flick. However, for a great Netflix-and-chill experience like an adult, we have to first consider the type of company you’ll have so you can plan what to watch, what to wear, and what to serve accordingly. The most obvious one being a date night with your significant other (which may actually take on the “hooking up” reference of Netflix and Chill). But what about a night in with your BFF? A group of co-ed friends? A family gathering? Keep reading!


Date Night In

Edward Scissorhands, the 1991 film that caught the interests of both romantics and goth fashion lovers. Featuring the one and only Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, directed by the one and only Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands is a unique drama that journeys through fantasy and romance, and makes for a great date-night-in movie.

For ultra comfort and subtle sexiness, try wearing a graphic tee and a pair of boy shorts. The Christmas slippers your aunt recently gave you? Go ahead and bust those out too! As for what to put in your bellies, make a homemade pizza together! Not only does this give you both a chance to make an incredible meal you both will love; it adds another dimension of togetherness to your date night. Enjoy with a glass of merlot and extra cuddles.  

Netflix and chill with Edward Scissorhands!


BFF Bonding 

It’s always the right time to watch 1995’s hilarious teen film, Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, the late Brittany Murphy, and Paul Rudd. Especially when you and your BFF decide to Netflix and chill instead of going to the bar.

So for an ultimate girls night in, spending the evening pending unapologetically wearing what you want. This includes tanks and funky-patterned leggings! A salad, pink champagne, and chocolate chip cookies is the perfect meal of choice for two girlfriends who are ready to catch up after speaking every word of Clueless together.  

Clueless is the Netflix and chill movie to watch with your BFF!


Co-Ed Gathering 

The 1998 movie, Blade, is a fantasy/thriller flick that explores the world of vampires and revenge, and whether it’s a guest’s first time watching it, or the tenth, it’s a general crowd-pleaser – especially among a group of co-ed friends. The loungewear you choose to wear could include a loose, worn-in pair of jeans or black leggings, pullover sweatshirt, and cute sneakers – casually appropriate and comfortable.

As for what to serve, you’ll need to do a little bit of work beforehand.  If you’re having 4+ people come over to Netflix and chill, consider everyone’s individual tastes from an objective point of view. Even in a group that shares the same taste in films and style doesn’t mean they share the same taste in food. Your best bet regarding what to serve is a couple of pizzas (both vegetarian and with meat), a few finger foods, and multiple drink choices should work for everyone in one way or another.

Try a thriller/fantasy movie for a Netflix and chill night with a group of friends!


Family Time

Hands-down, Ghostbusters is a favorite among the entire family. This 1984 fantasy film that will bring up nostalgia among family members to the era and success of the film, which makes it a great choice for a Netflix-and-chill evening with the family. Everyone is bound to have a feeling about Ghostbusters in regards to how it shaped their views of ghosts and the supernatural.

Netflix and chill with the family is ultimate relaxed time and would be a very fulfilling and colorful evening if you make it potluck style! From introducing your new vegan dish to the family to enjoying your mother’s beans and rice, there’s something for everyone! Don’t think twice about what you want to wear for a Netflix and chill night with the family. They (mostly) don’t judge and are just happy to spend time with you. Pajamas? Why not!

Ghostbusters is a family favorite - perfect for a movie night!


Which type of Netflix-and-chill evening is your favorite? Comment below with the film you can watch over and over again!


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