Pearls: How To Wear June's Birthstone In Modern Fashion

Pearls: How To Wear June's Birthstone In Modern Fashion

Pearls are any easy gift idea for someone born in June but this classic gem is not limited to just Geminis and Cancers! While an Audrey Hepburn- esque rope pearl necklace is a traditional staple, it's always fun to keep in mind different ways to incorporate pearls into your every day outfits and accessories. Whether you buy it or DIY it, there are some great alternative ways to wear pearls that you may have never thought of before! Check out our top picks for unique pearl accessories and embellishments that can compliment any look.


Pretty as a Pearl Pants

Walk in Wonderland

If you want to completely re- vamp your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, adding pearl embellishments is definitely the way to do it! Sticking on individual pearl studs may seem like it would take forever and a day, but it's actually much more simple than it looks. All you have to do is pick up some no- sew fabric glue and pearl embellishments from a craft store, and dot on as many as you like. Style tip: adding pearl detailing to distressed leggings or jeans will amount to the perfect fusion of edgy and sophisticated styles.


Bright Eyed Pearl Sunglasses


Well aren't we just the queen of DIY today? If you have any pearl embellishments left over from remodeling your jeans, why not add some to your sunglasses, too? For a bold statement, line the entire frame of a pair of oversized sunglasses (or regular glasses) with pearl buttons. You can glue down these embellishments with super glue and completely transform the look of your glasses within a matter of minutes. For a minimalist style, keep a light hand and only put on a few pearl studs on the outer corners of your frames.


Pin It In Pearl Hairstyles


For everyone with a prom, wedding, or other formal event coming up, pearl pins are the perfect touch to tie your elegant hairstyle together. You can go for a classic white pearl or match the color of your dress with multicolored pearl hair accessories. To incorporate these hair accessories into your everyday style, simply pin stray hairs back with a pearl clip. Who said messy hair can't be chic?


Wrapped in Pearls Sweater


Say "goodbye" to shoulder pads and "hello" to shoulder pearls. Yet another fun DIY project is amping up the rest of your outfit by adding pearl beads to standard shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and jackets. Glue or sew pearl details on the shoulder areas or elbow patches of your garment, or go your own route and create a design of your own for a fresh take on your wardrobe. 


Unique Pearl Pendants

Dangerous Minds

Unless you're a next- level jewelry craftsman, making your own pearl pendants might be a little difficult to pull off. Choosing carved or embellished pendants instead of pre- made jewelry will allow you to put the perfect pearl pendant on your own necklace chain or cord, bracelet, or even glue it on to a ring. 


Which pearl accessory or embellishment do you like the best? Do you like DIY projects? Let us know in the comments below!


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