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How To Make Your Product Photos Stand Out

Cass Malloy Published On: 07-08-2013
How To Make Your Product Photos Stand Out

As a seller, you WANT people to click on your product. You want your customers to be blown away by your products and click the "BUY NOW" button with such fervor it burns a hole in the website. 

You want them to think, "MAN, this combined Steampunk/Heavy Metal Apple Peeler is SO COOL. I need this in my life RIGHT NOW. Look how awesome this product is! Look at this carefully crafted apple peeler, and wow! It even peels apples! I'm going to buy one RIGHT NOW." 

But how, Cass?! you ask. How can I get all of RebelsMarket's thousands and thousands of shoppers to click on MY apple peeler, when it's just one apple peeler among hundreds? 

Well, I'm glad you asked! One of the first steps in getting recognized on RebelsMarket is having good product photos. 

Here's some examples from the community of outstanding product photos. 

Put it on a stand!

Goth Victorian Blood Necklace by Azdaja

Here Azdaja's product is displayed in a well-lit environment on a clean, simple stand. It's obvious what the product is (a necklace) and the clean lines and high-contrast help the photo stand out in a search. 


Put it on a Model! 

I'm Fabulous by Oznola Apparel 

Oznola Apparel not only shows us what their product would look like on a person, they use a professional photographer and model to help bring it to life. If you have the means, high-quality photographers (and sexy models) can help customers visualize how that product would fit into their lives. 


Put it in Context!

Goth Spike Ring by Horribell

Even without a photography studio, you can still take amazing photos. Horribell showcases this incredible spiked ring by actually demonstrating it on a hand. Providing context is great for practically anything, be it jewelry, garter belts, or shower cuirtains. 

Horribell has also found a way to draw focus to an otherwise busy photo - by making the product be the only thing in color, our eyes as customers are automatically drawn to it. 


But I don't have a fancy camera! And I'm not a photographer! 

That's fine! Neither am I! But I'm here to demonstrate some simple methods to take product photos at home, with only a cellphone camera and a bit of willpower. 

First, we're gathering a couple of objects from the RM offices. I will demonstrate with help from this awesome locket and also Batman. The background here is just my desk.

The most imporant thing is good lighting. Having lots of natural light can make all of the difference. Here's some fake prouct photos of my locket against different backgrounds. 

If you're wondering how I got a white setup looked like this: 

I literally hammered a nail into the wall and then took a picture of the locket. 


In Conclusion...

Wow, you say. Those pictures suck. I can do much better than that. 

GOOD. Go out and do it! As I said, I'm not a photographer. I'm merely demonstrating what can be done with a cellphone and a bit of light can do for you. There are far more tallented photographers and creators on RebelsMarket than I. Just remember...

  • Always highlight the best things about your product
  • Upload images larger than 545px x 545px
  • Lighting makes all the difference
  • Have fun with it! This is your brand, your store! 


Have any tips or tricks for product photos that you'd like to share? Just want to let Cass know how bad a photographer she is? Leave a comment below!