Put A Schoolgirl Spin On Your Goth Look With These 7 Pairs Of Demonia Mary Janes

Put A Schoolgirl Spin On Your Goth Look With These 7 Pairs Of Demonia Mary Janes

One of the most fabulous things about goth fashion is how well it pairs with just about any other look. Skinny jeans, runway chic, pastel hair, boho casual, and all other sorts of fashion trends can be seamlessly combined with the dark, complex world of goth fashion to create an iconic look that is just as awesome on the cover of a magazine as it is in the club.

There are some styles, however, that seem to have been designed specifically for goth fashion, and the schoolgirl look is a style staple in the goth world for a good reason. As Wednesday Addams and Abby Sciuto can attest, adding a schoolgirl twist to a goth look is practically the definition of style success.

Demonia seems to understand just how perfectly goth and schoolgirl chic combine, and to prove it they have created these amazing Mary Janes that will definitely turn a few heads!  

Sweet Shoes With A Goth Feel

Maybe you are looking for a shoe that will put a bit of a feminine touch on an outfit. Maybe you're just obsessed with gorgeous black lace and sweet ribbons. Either way, this amazing Mary Jane pump is exactly what you need.  

These heels put a sultry spin on any schoolgirl look, letting the world know that you might be embracing a youthful fashion trend but you are certainly all grown up.

If you love the feminine style of Mary Janes but you hate the idea of wearing heels, you might prefer these fabulous platform Mary Janes instead. These comfortable shoes are still girly and fun, just in a different way. The Mary Jane pumps are a little more Madam Satan whereas the Mary Jane platforms are a little more Lydia Deetz - both fiercely awesome goth chicks with their own amazing sense of style.

These are a little more casual, perfect for day-to-day wear, and they'll add a goth undertone and a few inches of height to a standard pair of jeans or thick, black tights any day of the week. 

Classic Mary Janes, With a Twist

Lots of people find themselves stuck in situations where they can't show their goth side. Whether you're at work, school, traffic court, or your grandmother's house, the odds are good you'll have at least one place you have to tone down your look, no matter how awesome it may be.

Unfortunately, many goth girls have been told they need to do a better job of adhering to the dress code of their school or office. If you are looking for shoes that are perfectly acceptable for the conference room or the classroom but have a discreet bit of goth to them, you'll definitely want a pair of these Lolita Mary Janes with the skull straps. 

These Mary Janes with a bat on the ankle strap aren't hiding your goth side at all - they are putting it out there for the whole world to see! This classic shoe is made with vegan leather and velvet, so you can rest assured no bats were harmed in the production of these gorgeous shoes.

Silver spiders and hidden vampire bats give these Demonia platform Mary Janes a wicked feel, while the glittery spider webs make them a fun addition to any goth outfit. While spiders and bats are traditionally associated with Halloween, you can (and should!) wear these cute kicks all year long.

If you want to add a fun element to your outfit, these shoes will do the trick. The dangling charms are adorably quirky and the hidden bats on the interior of the shoe provide another shadowy layer of dark, villainous fun to these shoes. 

Sinister Mary Janes - For When A Little Bit Goth Just Isn't Enough

If you are looking for a schoolgirl style that exudes strength and confidence, these studded platform Mary Janes are the perfect addition to your outfit. These Mary Janes feel more like they belong on Fury Road than a college campus, giving you a look that is multidimensional and ready for action.

Sometimes you need a shoe that is authentically, unapologetically goth. Luckily, Demonia knew exactly what you needed when they designed this criss-cross platform Mary Jane. Nobody will have any questions about what kind of person you are when you are wearing these - they'll know you are goth and not afraid to admit it.

Mary Janes are the perfect addition to any goth ensemble. Whether you're looking for something simple or complex, subdued or screaming your personality from your feet, Demonia has the perfect pair of Mary Janes for you.

What is your favorite way to wear a pair of Mary Janes?