Rave On: What To Wear To An EDM Concert

Rave On: What To Wear To An EDM Concert

Not only is an EDM concert a grand affair, full of whimsical fantasy and escapism; the process of choosing what to wear to a rave, nightclub, or festival is its own event! ‘Cause really, just what do you wear to a spot that is filled with guys and girls who live and die on the dance floor while moving to the electronic sounds of DJs like David Guetta, Skrillex, or Steve Aoki?


EDM Fashion for guys and girls!


If you’re just getting into the rave scene and want a few style suggestions regarding what to wear to an EDM concert, keep reading! From graphic tees and fun headwear to sexy clothing and bold accessories, the fashion you can play with is full of color, confidence, and cyberpunk vibes.


Graphic Tees to Rave and Go Home With


Graphic tees for an EDM concert is total comfort!




When it comes to EDM fashion, it’s about fitting in while standing out! Oversize printed tees are awesome staples for both guys and girls, because they can be paired with nearly any type of bottoms and shoes, from sci-fi style leggings to neon laced tennis shoes, and often make for great conversation-starters.  Whether you rock a cropped graphic tee with a humorous message or prefer to party in a tee that features your favorite science fiction characters, you’re showing your personality in comfort! For extra style, throw on a pair of big ‘ol geek glasses or bright shades.


Sweat it Out in Fun Headwear and Headpieces


Rave on in fun headwear and headpieces!


The EDM movement is all about celebrating the sounds and spirit of techno! Headwear and headpieces, which have become a natural element to the general raver’s style, add to the excitement. And with such peaceful, community-based vibes at an EDM concert (contrary to popular belief), the fashion competition is personal. It’s not necessarily about outdoing someone else at an EDM concert – it’s more about outdoing yourself at each rave! If you are a regular in the scene, you may always be on the hunt for the next big headwear or headpiece statement so you can maintain your popular reputation. For others just starting to attend an EDM concert, you may not be ready to get ultra-dramatic with feathers or beaded crowns. You might just want to show your EDM pride with a simple touch of boho beauty or a trucker hat! It’s all based on your level of comfort.


Steal The Show In Barely-There Bright Clothing


Bright sexy styles to wear at an EDM concert!

The amount of skin on display at an EDM concert is quite a show! And let’s be honest: the ladies really are the real showstoppers at a rave. While guys can go shirtless with shorts or speedos, a girl can flaunt risqué fashion with ease. Strappy bikinis, cut out one piece bathing suits, garter belts, lace rompers, and Daisy Duke shorts add to the whimsical fantasyland of a rave. These barely-there looks are not only acceptable at an EDM concert, the brighter the colors and patterns are…the better! For an attention-getting experience at an EDM concert, turn to neon colors. Bright barely-there clothing will definitely turn up the volume.  


Add Extra Drama With Bold Accessories


Play with bold accessories at an EDM concert!



No matter the venue of the concert, and whether you’re indoors or outdoors, your outfit is never complete without a brightly colored belt, stacked bracelets, and other bold accessories! And when it comes to figuring out what to wear to an EDM concert, you can have fun going all out and mixing tons of pieces together. This may include jewelry, glasses, gloves, leg warmers, boots, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and costume wings. If you love the beauty and freedom that comes with exploring your personal style using color, layering, and cyberpunk details, an EDM concert may be right where you want to be. Face painting and pastel hair color or wigs can also add to your style statement, and so does your bag of choice! Because you want your hands to be as free as possible, backpacks and fanny packs are the best choices for keeping your essentials close to you at all times.


What would YOU wear to an EDM concert? Leave a comment below and share the details with us!


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