Decorating Your Gothic Bedroom

Decorating Your Gothic Bedroom

A person's bedroom is always an intimate space - personal expression adorns every wall. The colours, textures and decorations say more about who you are and what you stand for than anything else. Many goths feel their debrooms don't do justice to their love for their subculture - after all, we can't all live inside a medieval castle or a crumbling Victorian mansion.

Adding a gothic touch to your bedroom is easy with the right accessories. Blankets, pillows, posters, ornaments and furniture can all be gothic-inspired. It doesn’t all need to be created with dark colours. Artwork can be bold and colourful, and existing furnishings such as your bed, dresser and drawers can be accessorised with ornaments to suit your bedroom theme. Change your bedroom layout, switch out your choice of blankets seasonally, and change your posters and artwork often to keep the design feeling fresh and lived in.

Whether you are accessorising a teen bedroom or a more sophisticated adult room, consider some of these items available on rebelsmarket to complete your gothic bedroom look.


Soft and sensuous or loud and rebellious, your bed will be the first thing anyone notices when they enter your room. Make your boudoir stand out with these funky bedding choices:

Black Cat Pillow set

These black cat pillows would suit either a teen bedroom or a more sophisticated space, like the lounge couch or sofa.  The black cat brings witchy feel to your space, while adding a homely feel. No home is complete without a cat!

Heart and Dagger pillow

Tattoo style pillow featuring a bold graphic print, perfect for a teen bedroom.

Goth girl flag or throw

Throw this goth girl over the end of your bed, or use as a wall poster or flag, or as a light summer blanket.


Adorn your bedroom with imagery that inspires, entertains and relaxes you. You can even support local artists without a huge investment by purchasing prints and sketches.

Skull and roses poster

These skull and roses posters are perfect for a teen bedroom. Day of the dead makeup and tattoo inspired designs.

Skull scream poster

This haunting black and white scream poster might give the less brave of us nightmares. But the classic art look of this piece makes it a spohisticated, if bold, choice for bedroom art.


Every bedroom needs furniture - mirrors, lamps, drawers and desks to store and display your beautiful gothic trinkets. Here are some pieces perfect for your gothic bedroom:

Round skull mirror

This skull mirror will be the centre of attention on your wall. A striking statement piece with a cleverly shaped square finish.

Skulls lamp

A classic, clean oval shaped night light with a subtle skull design.  Perfect for an adult space.

Owl clock

Cute and funky, this owl clock could be a gothic-inspired feature anywhere in your home. Perfect for a teen bedroom too.


Snuggling under your covers is definitely better if you've got some gorgeous gothic pyjamas. Check out these awesome designs from Rebelsmarket!

Skull pyjamas

Complete your gothic bedroom look by hanging out in awesome skull PJ’s. The design is distressed for a post-apocalyptic look.

Jack Skullington Dressing gown

This is an official Nightmare before Christmas dressing gown, perfect for girls and guys. A classic gothic character and a snuggly gown - what more could you want?

Have fun shopping at Rebelsmarket for gothic items for your home and bedroom!