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Rebel Spotlight: Steph

Teri Bildstein Last update: 03-01-2019
Rebel Spotlight: Steph

As we have mentioned, we are on a mission to bring notice to our awesome fans.  

Steph came to our attention via Facebook when we asked our fans how they define the term Rebel

She was extremely forward in her reply and certainly seemed like the type to share what is on her mind

Some one who fights for what they feel to be right even if they have to stand alone. Some times all it takes is one. One thought, one body, one action, one voice, one. So take that stand, be that voice. Our future can only change of we set our minds to do just that. Educate yourself.

You know how much we admire strong women; so we had to reach out and hear more about her thoughts on this subject.

Rebel Steph in the Spotlight

Thank you for taking time to give us your definition of what it means to be a Rebel. Based on what you shared; who would you consider a Rebel idol? Who is doing it right?

I really look up to normal everyday people. The ones that are over looked but do amazing things just because they know it to be right. The ones that have always given a helping hand even if it is their last dollar.

So those with a charitable spirit. What do you think is the biggest thing preventing more people from embracing that spirit?

Fear of the unknown. Not knowing if their actions will be accepted, if it will matter. Maybe they have never had that happen to them.

Rebel Spotlight Steph

What would you say is the biggest issue that deserves rebellion at this time?

Legalization of marijuana and hemp. We all know what the benefits are. Our generation and passed generations are fighting for a better way to heal or selves, for the planet, for our children.

Rebel Steph

What do you consider your Rebel Style?

 Punk/Rock - I'll put together an outfit

Punk Rock Fashion

You can find Steph's punk rock style here

We want to thank Steph for taking time to share her thoughts and styles with everyone at RebelsMarket. 

Remember, your comments and input are valuable.   We may just choose you for the next Rebel Spotlight!

All photos of Steph are from her personal collection.
Photography credit goes to Sally Wales.