Got the Messege: Messenger Bags In Fashion

Got the Messege: Messenger Bags In Fashion

Communication today is a breeze. If we want to send a message we flick a text to a friend, an email to a colleague or pick up the phone and call our family. We’re spoilt by how easy it is. But, unless you lived in the same village as someone communication in the past was problematic.

It was the ancient Persians who are credited with the first real postal system. But, most other major ancient civilizations, like, in China, India, Rome, the Mongol Empire, all used postal systems.

Transporting mail through the ages was done mainly on foot, by horse (or some other four legged creature) or, if you were lucky by buggy or cart. But we’re forgetting something, ah, the humble pigeon. In Medieval times messages were tied to their legs and set free to return home like a heat seeking missile.

Apart from man, pigeon and beast of burden, there were some more “exotic” modes of transport used through the ages including rail, ship, zeppelin, balloon and most curiously…rocket.

The way we send mail is constantly evolving. So why is it, that despite massive leaps in technology, the advancement in the telecommunication world, that we still see things like, messenger bags slung over people’s shoulders? Surely, they’re redundant, I mean, how often do we send a letter? Let’s face it; we’re all a bit nostalgic. We like how messenger bags harken back to saddlebags flung over horses and those working class heroes from the 1950s - the utility lineman. Not only are they practical and hardwearing, but also they look cool.

Handmade "Garden Of The Dead" Messenger Bag

messanger bag gothic

The Collectors have these handmade messenger bags available. Blending Day of the Dead skulls with colourful foliage on a black background you’ll love the combination of this bag’s practicality with a bit of added zing.

There are no fussy buckles on this bag; instead they’re secured with a simple magnet. With an adjustable shoulder strap and satiny red lining on the inside you’ll love this modern day messenger bag.

Fashion Canvas Messenger Bag

mens messenger bag

Listen up gents. If you’ve been looking for a no-fuss messenger bag that’s simple and stylish but without all those finicky girly bells and whistles then this bag is for you. With a blue and brown colour combo and clean lines this will do equally well for weekend wear or at work.

Vintage Canvas Leather Casual Shoulder Bag

vintage messenger bag

This is an uber traditional looking messenger bag with green canvas and dark brown leather trimmings and details. Hard wearing, durable and practical.

Charlie Caplin Field / Messenger Bag

charlie chaplin messenger bag

Want something a bit different? This square cut military style messenger bag made out of forest green canvas provides an unlikely background for a white Charlie Chaplin silhouette. Sounds like an unlikely pairing, but somehow, it works.

Messenger Style Bag "Student" Hitch Print

messenger bag

This is the ultimate bag for students out there. No longer will you be frustrated as you squeeze your laptop into that bag that’s just a smidge too small. Designed to fit all the essentials such as laptops, textbooks and all manner of other bits and bobs. The Benga Rabbit print with subdued graffiti art proudly decorates the front of the bag.

Handmade Retro "Mustache" Vintage Messenger Bag

hipster mustache messenger bag


Love those hipster moustaches being sported at the moment? Don’t want to commit to wearing one on your face? Get the whole ensemble with this bag from the Howie to the Horseshoe.


Handmade Hollywood Monsters Horror Movie Messenger Bag

hollywood horror bag

Perfect for classic horror buffs, this hollywood horror bag sports all the archetypal monsters and boogeymen from your childhood. This baby boasts being 100% handmade with adjustable straps, side and interior pockets.

Hot Rod Rockabilly Tattoo Messenger Bag Billy Eight

rockabilly messenger bag

Rockabilly fans out there listen up; here is the perfect rockabilly messenger bag. The eye popping white on black graphic is styled in classic Billy Eight fashion. Hot rods, a grinning skull and guns, what more could you ask for?

Handmade “50s Milk Shake Shack” Messenger Bag

pinup retro messenger bag


We love those bombastic 50’s style cartoon graphics bursting with mouthwatering images of cherries, soda pops and ice-creams. Go on, you deserve a sweet treat. This is a cute, everyday wear pinup messenger bag.


Large Gothic Bag Skeletal Hand

messenger bag goths

A skeletal arm extending down the black canvas…industrial metal D rings and…a chunky silver zip. If ever there were a messenger bag made for Goths, then this would be it.

Mens Vintage Canvas Sailor Style Casual Shoulder Bag

vintage canvas bag

This vintage canvas bag in khaki green is perfect if you want something a bit more casual. But casual doesn’t mean it compromises on quality. Oh no, you’ll notice that this has been constructed with washed canvas, leather and copper pieces.

Decisions Bondage Bdsm Field / Messenge

bondage bag

Monkey Dungeon has brought to you this cool, tongue in cheek little bondage bag. It’s a nice juxtaposition, the khaki green is very practical and unassuming, the graphic displaying a whip, rope and cuffs and the words “Decisions, decisions” are anything but…

Messenger Bag Original Authentic Canvas Bag

military messenger bag


You can’t get much more vintage than this. If you want to get your paws on a real messenger bag from the military then look no further. This sucker has been around for a while (1940s-1960s) so you know it’s hard wearing and good quality. But, be warned, since it’s authentic you’ll have to expect a certain amount discoloration and markings – but then it’s worth it for vintage pieces because that’s what gives it personality!


What's your messege?