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RebelsMarket Reviews: Schattenwelt Festival 2017

Nevena Bjelic Update on 28-06-2018
RebelsMarket Reviews: Schattenwelt Festival 2017

As we say goodbye to 2017, now is the perfect time to review one of the biggest events of the year (for me, anyway). This year I was lucky to attend the Schattenwelt Festival 2017.

I first attended the festival in 2016, and loved it so much that I decided to go back again this year! You can check out my review of Schattenwelt 2016 and see just how exciting this festival really is!

Schattenwelt is Austria's biggest gothic festival. Compared to last year, there were definitely more people in attendance and I'm glad to see that the festival is getting more popular. 

As for the lineup, maybe I'm not the right person to answer that question since last year I got to see my favorite band, Diary of Dreams, and it can't get much better than that!

The only disadvantage of the festival, in my opinion, is that it takes place outside Vienna, so you'd have to include extra 15 euros for the taxi. As for going home, there is an organized shuttle bus, and the subway in Vienna is open all night!

The festival lasts two days - Friday and Saturday. So, here's who we saw:


Schattenwelt Festival 2017

Schattenwelt Festival 2017: In review


Project Pitchfork

Project Pitchfork was the last band to perform on the first day. They have always been on my must-see list. Out of the many bands I've seen at festivals, it seems to me they have one of the most fateful fans. Everyone knew every song and the connection with the audience was great. The singer Peter Spilles has great energy on stage, which you can see in the video - Project Pitchfork performing the legendary club hit Timekiller.

Schattenwelt Festival 2017: Project Pitchfork

Schattenwelt Festival 2017


Funker Vogt

Since I already wrote about the German EBM band in my review of Rave Gotik Treffen (which I was also lucky enought ot attend this year), there's not much more to say except that they're still awesome and still kick ass! The performance in Vienna was even better since they included special effects such as fire on stage. The new singer Chris L. of Agonize proved to be just as good as the original singer Jens, although many fans seemed to claim otherwise.

Schattenwelt Festival 2017: Funker Vogt

Funker Vogt at Schattenwelt 17

Music Festival review: Schattenwelt Fest 2017

Music Festival Review: Schattenwelt Festival 2017

Music Festival Review: Schattenwelt Fest 2017

Music Festival Review: Schattenwelt Fest 2017



And the award for the darkest stage and longest intro goes to - Covenant, the Swedish synth-pop act.  As the headliners of the festival, they were the last to perform. Don't get me wrong, as a goth fan I sure appreciate some darkness on the stage, but as a photographer, I couldn't get a single decent shot! Anyway, the audience seemed to love them and the atmosphere was awesome.

Thanks to all the smoke machines, at the end the fire alarm went off, and we were asked to leave the building! A smoke machine at a darkwave concert - imagine that!

Music Festival Review: Covenant at Schattenwelt Fest 2017

Music Festival review: Covenant at Schattenwelt Fest 2017

Music Festival Review: Covenant at Schattenwelt 2017


All in all, Schattenwelt was great again, I will surely be attending next year, and I can't wait to see the lineup!

Music Festival Review: Schattenwelt Fest 2017