RebelsMarket's Ultimate Halloween Playlist

RebelsMarket's Ultimate Halloween Playlist

It's coming: Halloween is coming.

Yes, the spookiest, most spine-chilling, unnerving, exciting, debauched and downright fun-filled time of the year is upon us - are you ready for it? Are you prepared?

Now, decorations and costumes aside, the single most important element to any Halloween party worth its salt is the playlist. The Halloween playlist will essentially become the soundtrack of your entire evening, making or breaking the festive excitement, entertainment and skin crawling festive fun from the outset. So it's important.

But lucky for you, there is a host of incredible Halloween-themed songs in existence, and we've made our very own Halloween playlist for your listening pleasure! If you're hosting a Halloween shindig this year or you're plannking a spooky but cosy night in with some awesome horror movies and sweet treats, this ominous selection of festive songs will go down a treat. You can read all about our selections, and also follow the playlist on Spotify:

Rob Zombie - "Dragula"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Dragula

A bonafide classic, this demonic, sinister and completely rocking anthem conjures up the most deliciously dark festive imagery and its four to the floor pomp, and synth lines, make this the perfect track for a spot of Halloween headbanging.

The Stranger Things Soundtrack

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Stranger Things Theme

Stranger Things is perhaps one of the most iconic shows ever to emerge from the Netflix Original camp, and both volumes of its eerie synth-driven soundtrack, written and arranged by Kyle Dixon, will create a hypnotically spooky backdrop for your Halloween festivities.

Lazer Hawk - "Skull & Shark"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Lazerhawk, Skull and Shark


The creeping intro of this track alone is enough to send shivers up your spine and deep into your skull - and the rest of this moreish Halloween-themed creation will take you on a musical journey so entrancing, that when it's finished, you may never be the same again.

Alice Cooper - "Welcome to My Nightmare"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Welcome to My Nightmare

Alice Cooper

It wouldn't be right to have a Halloween playlist without giving at least a nod to the snake-clad king of the underworld, Mr Alice Cooper. This funky, blues-tinted, almost Jim Morrison-like arrangement speaks of nightmarish breakdowns, scary slumbers and all manner of other unseemly things - so make sure you play it at your shindig.

Gerard McMahon - "Cry Little Sister"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Cry Little Sister

G Tom Mac

Immortalized by the legendary 80s Vampire flick, The Lost Boys, Gerard McMachon's "Cry Little Sister" is a quintessentially dreary, pining Halloween anthem with a chorus to die for - pure ill-hearted, ill-fated magic.

Marilyn Manson - "Sweet Dreams"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Sweet Dreams


Again, how could we create a Halloween playlist without including a certain Mr Marlyn Manson? Answer: we couldn't. This slower-paced, amped-up cover version of the Eurythmics classic will stop even the excitable party-goers in their tracks and make them nod their head in appreciation. 

Mike Oldfield - "Tubular Bells"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Tubular Bells

Mike Oldfield Official

An instrumental that will literally give you nightmares, this entirely unnerving and unmistakably recognizable instrumental became the theme for The Exorcist. Yes, The Exorcist. Need we say anymore?

Danny Elfman - "This is Halloween"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: This is Halloween

Danny Elfman - Faber Music

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" is one of Tim Burton's finest moments; as such, it's clad in a cloak of delicious darkness that oozes sinister charm. And Danny Elfman's "This is Halloween" is a song that not only mentions 'Halloween' several times, but its musical, pantomime-esque leanings make this an essential song for this year's festivities.

Echo & the Bunnymen - "The Killing Moon"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: The Killing Moon

Echo and the Bunnymen

Without this absolute belter from Echo and The Bunnymen blaring in the foreground, the opening scene of Donny Darko wouldn't have half as much impact as it does. This anthem is not only draped in spectral, minor overtones, but it's sacrificial themes and catchy hooks make it a Halloween treat for the ears, as well as the soul.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - "Time Warp"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Time Warp

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If you're looking for something offbeat, spooky, sinister, unsettling, catchy, euphoric, weird, odd, brilliant, outlandish, theatrical, something from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an absolute must. And, of course, if you want to get everyone dancing (or at least attempting to dance) in unison, "Time Warp" is almost impossible to beat.

Blue Oyster Cult - "Don't Fear the Reaper"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Don't fear The Reaper

Welcome to The Blue Oyster Cult

This ghostly arrangement from The Blue Oyster Cult is nothing short of epic - plus the lyrics are centred around the one and only Angel of Death - so omitting this from a Halloween playlist would be complete and utter sacrilege. This song, while decidedly moody, is colossally catchy and we're sure you and your pals will be humming along as one by the dawning of the second chorus.

The Horrors - "Jack the Ripper"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: The Horrors


Yes, this is a tune about that right 'orrible bloke, Jack The Ripper, and it's intense, and it's noisy, and it's chaotic, and it's something that will make you dance around, well, like a complete maniac. A perfect floor-filler for the heart of your Halloween evening.

Black Sabbath - "Black Sabbath"

Songs for Your Halloween Playlist: Black Sabbath - "Black Sabbath"

Black Sabbath

You simply could not have a selection of Halloween songs without including Black Sabbath's self-titled anthem of blackness. Featuring the Devil's Interval chord progression - a sound with ties to the occult - this is the ideal way to bring your party into a stunned silence before building it back up into a festive frenzy.

“Be afraid... Be very afraid.” - Ronnie, The Fly (1986)

We hope our Halloween playlist will see you right during this year's fright night (we didn't include "Enter Sandman" or "Thriller" because we're sure you've already got them covered) and in the meantime, if you're sick to death of pumpkin spice, here are some alternatives for your taste buds (and sanity).

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