RIP Batman: Good Samaritan Lenny Robinson Dies After Batmobile Breaks Down

RIP Batman: Good Samaritan Lenny Robinson Dies After Batmobile Breaks Down

Lenny Robinson, a kind-hearted Batman impersonator known for his charitable works, passed away recently after his Batmobile broke down on the highway. Robinson was on his way to visit children in hospitals when the accident occurred. His death has left fans of the superhero and his charitable works devastated, and people across the world are mourning his loss. In this article, we look back at Robinson's life and legacy, and how he touched the lives of those he met.

Lenny Robinson gained national attention in 2012 when dashcam footage was released of police pulling over a Batmobile in Maryland. Even in a world where it has become more acceptable to don a superhero costume, the sight of a modified Lamborgini still sparked intrigue. People wanted to know, who was this caped crusader?

The answer was the stuff of true heroism. Robinson put massive time and money into his costume and vehicle for a single purpose; to brighten the spirits of patients staying in local Children's Hospitals. 

Today, news of Robinson again made national headlines, but with a much more somber story. The Batmobile experienced engine trouble and broke down on Interstate 70. The vehicle was struck by another car and Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Our hearts go out to Robinson's family and the children whose lives he touched. Rest In Peace Batman. You truly were a hero to many.

Below, you can see the video that introduced the world to the real life Batman. Main photo courtesy of ABC News


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