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RebelsMarket Will see You At ShamrockFest!

Teri Bildstein Published On: 18-02-2016
RebelsMarket Will see You At ShamrockFest!

Every March 17th, Americans join together to become Irish for a day and set forth to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with style. Most are happy with the traditional pub crawls and parades, but thousands of others seek new and creative ideas for celebrating St. Patrick's Day.


What is ShamrockFest?

ShamrockFest is in Washington, DC and is the nation's largest party for St. Patrick's Day. Nowhere else can you find the most popular Celtic rock bands, DJs, and contests for one of the biggest party days of the year. You can check out the best music for St. Patrick's Day, such as Dropkick Murphy's and Flogging Molly, while enjoying fast beer service and carnival style rides and games.



4 Reasons You Need To Be There

1st of all - You can party with RebelsMarket! We will be bringing live updates from the event and would love to share your experience with the rest of our fans. Make sure you are following us on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and tag your pictures from #ShamrockFest with #RebelsMarket. 

2nd - Okay, maybe this should have been first, but nowhere else can you find such a variety of awesome music and activities in one place. You can see the full 2016 lineup here. Yes, Vanilla Ice IS on the list!

3rd - You will be supporting those who support others. ShamrockFest is brought to you by Red Frog Events, the same people who bring you Firefly music festival, and a company known for their charitable outreach. Perhaps their most recognizable partnership is with St. Jude Children's Hospital. To date they have raised over $11 million of their $25 million goal.

4th - One day only in comfortable temps! As many festival attendees know, most shows take place in the summer and the weather can get miserable. Many of the large events have moved towards a weekend long, vacation style atmosphere that requires camping or a hotel room. With Shamrock Fest, you get a 6-stage extravaganza without melting in the sun!

ShamrockFest America's Largest St Patrick's Day Celebration
Photo courtesy of The Graham Hotel


What To Wear To ShamrockFest

Most people have a mental image of festivals being filled with young people reimagining the hippies at Woodstock in modern Bohemian fashion. This is certainly the favored style for many concert festivals but none of them have a dress code and the main music genre tends to flavor the style of the crowd.

With the strong lineup of Celtic rock, you will certainly feel comfortable in distressed pants, vintage band t shirts, and plaid patterns. You will also want to remember the date by wearing green for St. Patrick's Day. Punk fans could basically care less what you are wearing, so feel free to rock any style that makes you happy. Give a kilt a try, go for the studs and spikes effect with your accessories, or add a bit of glam punk to your style. 

On the practical side, layers will be important, as the cooler temperatures will feel warmer as you get into the music. Moving from the outskirts of the crowd to the front of the stage will feel like you are traveling to warmer climates, so be prepared to take layers on and off!

You will also want to make sure you bring a bag that can hold those layers and other necessities without holding you back. Consider a comfortable bookbag with an awesome print (so it doesn't get lost in the mix) or a cool holster style bag. 

For your feet, go with comfortable tennis shoes or supportive combat boots. You don't want your toes to take a beating! The more relaxed you are, the more fun you will have. So keep your footwear sensible!

We have created Celtice punk inspired collections for women and men to give you style ideas for St. Patrick's Day.

Celtic Punk Style for Shamrock Fest

Prepare To Party

Pick up your ticket to this year's ShamrockFest and prepare to party! Make sure you have your travel plans arranged before you dip into the green beer. RedFrog has provided shuttle and hotel information on the main website and as a bonus, you can use their site to book through Hotels For Hope and make a contribution to St. Judes! 

Have you ever been to ShamrockFest or do you plan to go this year? We would love to hear your thoughts on this event in the comments below!


Main photo courtesy of DC After 5

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