Slay With These 3 Styles From New Formation Video By Beyoncé!

Slay With These 3 Styles From New Formation Video By Beyoncé!

New "Formation" video by Beyoncé is full of style inspiration!

If you haven’t watched Beyoncé’s new video (“Formation”) yet, you’re not only missing out on a beautifully rebellious message that explores black identity in America and female empowerment; the costume styling for such a performance hit everyone with a shock of electricity. And just as Beyoncé lovers were coping from being jolted with unannounced, new music, being faced with incredible throwback styles and sexy statements was super-hot and super-inspiring. From breathing in new life to Victorian fashion to showing her powerful vibe in risqué fashion pieces (nothing new for Bey), the “Formation” video is getting everyone’s attention. And not only ‘cause her daughter Blue ivy makes a cameo! (“I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros…”)

Blue Ivy makes appearance in new Beyoncé video!

If you’re sooooo ready to steal Queen Bey’s look(s) – in a more casual, everyday type of style– keep reading! Here are some suggestions on how to create your own outfits based on the energy and fashion pieces Beyoncé so memorably flossed. Flawlessly, of course.

Southern Belle

Sittin’ pretty and poised in white and cream hues, Beyoncé gives us an overall Southern-belle-in-her-Sunday-bests image that reminds us she ain't messin' around. (“I got hot sauce in my bag, swag.”) 

New "Formation" video clip featuring fierce Victorian styles!

But how do you use inspiration from these Victorian dresses to create more ready-to-wear outfits for, say, a big city girl? Find a tribute piece that you can work with. In other words, if you’re loving the delicacy and femininity of Beyoncé’s dresses, possibly look for blouses that carry the same feeling. Because white and creams are so basic and versatile, you could pair your white or cream blouse with nearly any color, print, or fabric. Depending on the style, you may wear the top alone or paired with a Victorian corset for extra drama. And if the winter weather calls for a cover-up, throw on a biker jacket to toughen up your inner Southern belle...and SLAY. You could even pay homage to Solange and dress the look up with some homemade Florida water (either carried in a bottle, or spritzed as a cooling scent).

Southern belle style inspiration from new Beyonce video!

Vintage Vamp

The most eccentric look of the “Formation” video is this gothic, Neo-Victorian-esque black ensemble. This style proves that over-the-top accessory styling is totally acceptable if you have the attitude – like Beyoncé – to back it up. (“When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, ‘cause I slay.”)

Beyoncé breathes life into vintage Victorian fashion in new video!

The dark vibe of this vintage vamp look manages to maintain a sense of mystery as well as glamour, thanks to the major statement happening with tons of jewels. But are you ready to walk to your local coffee shop in this entire outfit? Just because you might want to…doesn’t mean you would have the guts to really do so. That said, how can you create an all-black street style with fashion pieces that are in formation with this Beyoncé style? Go ahead and throw the black hat and jeweled accessories with a more casual outfit. A black, Victorian blouse with leather shorts or a ruffled skirt, along with fabulous Victorian boots or stilettos, are great starts.

Dark and lovely looks inspired by new Beyonce video!

The Risqué Rebel

While this entire look is exciting and unique, you’ll probably never wear a bodysuit with a plunging neckline and thigh-high hosiery (instead of pants) anywhere other than a dance class, a themed party, or for Halloween.

Beyoncé slays in new "Formation" video!

Playing the character of “Beyoncé from the ‘Formation’ Video” would no-doubt win you a prize, but it’s not that time of the year! It’s February, and it’s all about creating an easy outfit revolved around a sexy statement piece. And for the risqué rebel, it's the bodysuit. Whether you’re sleek and edgy or more bohemian and free-spirited, have fun getting everyday use out of your bodysuit with the right styling. It’s also a great piece for layering in the winter!

Risqué rebellious styles inspired by new Beyonce video!

Which Beyoncé look is the most intriguing? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with your comments below.

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