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Selling On RebelsMarket Opening A Rebel Store

Cass Malloy Published On: 02-08-2013
Selling On RebelsMarket Opening A Rebel Store

So you want to be a Rebel...

Our Rebels are unique. They have the edgiest senses of style, come from all walks of life, and live all over the world. RebelsMarket Sellers are unconventional and artsy and belong to an exclusive group. 

Below is a guide to getting started selling on RebelsMarket. It aims to walk applicants through the process of signing up for a Rebel Store and seeing if the have what it takes to be a RebelsMarket seller. 

On the RebelsMarket mainpage, the SELL application is in the upper right hand corner, right by the shopping cart, favorites, and help buttons. Look for the red circle on the screen cap below. 

There's another link down at the bottom of the page. It looks like this: 


Sellers Page

Clicking on either of those links will take you to the Sellers Page. Read it! It has great information on what RebelsMarket is (and why we are awesome.) 

Here, let me break it down for you. 

RebelsMarket is the 1st alternative marketplace of its kind

We're a special hangout for unique people interested in all sorts of countercultures

RebelsMarket has an international community of specialized buyers and sellers. 

In other words, RebelsMarket is dedicated to people from all over the world who want to forge a unique identity for themselves. Sounds great, right? So what are you waiting for! Just click here.


The Sellers Application

So how do we keep that RebelsMarket edge? How do we make sure that we have products that no one else does and exceptional sellers that give RebelsMarket its edge? 

The answer lays in the Seller Application

In order to sell on RebelsMarket, we ask for examples of a Seller's business. We don't let just anybody in. We're exclusive and we want to keep it that way. 

The Sellers Application asks for a couple of pieces of information. 

  • The name of your shop
  • Your email 
  • Link to your website or social media 
  • Examples of your products

We ask for your name, email, and social media to make sure you are a real person. It also helps us get a sense of whether or not you willl be a good fit for RebelsMarket. 

The product images give us a clear idea of the quality of product and product presentation we can expect. Our admins use this pictures in conjunction with your website and social media to determine your fit for RebelsMarket. 

If we're unsure, our admins may email you and ask for more information or details about your business. Response to admin emails always looks good on any application. 


Congratulations! You've Applied!

And there you go! The only thing left is to wait for your acceptance email and open a booth on RebelsMarket.

Next time on RebelsMarket 101 we'll go through the process of setting up your Rebel Store and getting started as a RebelsMarket seller. 


Questions? Comments? Let us know! Community feedback is always welcome. Email