St. Patrick's Day Music Playlist - 15 Essential Songs For Your Collection

St. Patrick's Day Music Playlist - 15 Essential Songs For Your Collection

St. Patrick's Day is a time for celebration and festivities. To get in the spirit, what better way to enjoy the day than by listening to some of the best Irish music out there? We've put together a playlist of 15 essential songs that you need in your collection to get the party started. From traditional folk tunes to more modern, upbeat hits, we've got all the bases covered. So, grab your shamrock and get ready to sing along to these classic Irish classics!

From traditional pub crawls to more obscure Irish themed events, there are many ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you are hosting your own party or just getting pumped for festivities, music will be an essential part of your holiday.  

We asked fans of the RebelsMarket Facebook page to suggest bands and songs they like to include in their Irish celebrations. The response was awesome and quite varied.  Though there were a few clear favorites (we're looking at you Dropkick Murphy's); you Rebels have a wide array of musical preferences.  


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We have compiled a list that blends the most popular and obscure suggestions with a few of our own favorites.  

Did your suggestion make our St. Patrick's Day Playlist?  Find out below! 


The Black Tartan Clan 

The Black Tartan Clan has been around since 2008 and is a great example of modern Celtic punk music. Hailing from Belgium, the group mixes punk melodies with classic Celtic instruments.


The Pogues

If you love the sound of Celtic punk but have not heard The Pogues, it is time to find your roots. Based out of London, The Pogues have been active in the US since the early 80s and were a strong influence on many of the bands listed on this roundup.



Thin Lizzy

One of the few bands actually from Ireland, Thin Lizzy's active career was short lived but their legend has remained.


Dropkick Murphys

One of the most popular modern Celtic punk bands is from Massachusetts and have found success even beyond punk rock enthusiasts. 



The Tossers

Another modern classic, The Tossers have been consistently making music and touring since the early 90s.


The Rumjacks

A group of Aussies decided to mix punk energy and folk melodies with a splash of traditional Celtic sound and the amazing result was The Rumjacks. 



Imelda May

Another of the rare Irish natives on our list, Imelda May gives a funky Rockabilly style to powerful vocals and the results are amazing!



For many, St Patrick's Day belongs to punk rock music, but one of our Irish performers is bringing a heavy metal influence back to the day. Blaggards' lead singer Patrick Devlin was raised in Dublin before relocating to TX and credits Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden as two of his biggest influences.


The Clancy Brothers

The Clancy Brothers have been bringing Irish folk music to the world for over 40 years. They gained US popularity in the 60s and had a huge influence on Bob Dylan and the American folk revival.


The Chieftains

Another classic Irish folk group, The Cheiftains' have maintained a strong following since the 60s and have lent their signature instramental style to musicians from Madonna to The Rolling Stones.



Tony Rice All Star Jam

Tony Rice is one of the most influencial Bluegrass guitarists of all time. The All Star Jam perfectly displayed his eloquent instramentals and vocal style. 


Johnny Cash 

The Man In Black was one of the pioneers of Outlaw Country music but most know, he never boxed himself into a single genre. His rendition of Danny Boy brings a haunting pain to this traditional Irish tune.



The Corrs

Another group from Ireland, The Corrs create a Celtic fusion of rock and folk music that needs to be savored on St. Patrick's Day!


The Voice Squad

Singing in perfect harmony, The Voice Squad brings new flavor to traditional Irish tunes by removing the instrumental backings. The resulting melody is incredibly moving and emotional to absorb.



Flogging Molly 

A quick look at our list shows the RebelsMarket fans love Celtic punk and no group received as many votes as Flogging Molly. If you are new to the genre, this would be the group to start with. 


We would love to hear your thoughts and additional suggestions in the comments!


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