Style And Gifts For the May Baby!

Style And Gifts For the May Baby!

Wanna add some extra punch to your wardrobe? If you’re a May baby, then it’s the perfect time to treat yourself! Whether you’re ready to update your spring style with a few new pieces or would like to start brand new with unique fashion, the styling suggestions below are meant to spark your creativity and excite you! If you’re a Taurus (April 20 – May 20), you may be seeking particular looks to bring forth your innate reliability, patience, and practical side. If you’re a Gemini (May 21 – June 20), you may be seeking fashion that expresses your clever, imaginative, and witty personality better. 


If you need birthday outfit ideas, which may also help determine what you wear to summer concerts and festivals, keep reading! Tips on how to incorporate colors of your birthstone and birth flower included, revolved around the styling of two distinct basics: denim shorts and boho dresses.


Famous May Babies


When it comes to enhancing your unique look – be it subtly or dramatic – take some time to study the styles of top entertainers. Start with these famous May babies! Consistently showing their individual styles and confidence in unique fashion, they OWN their look. From Adele’s taste for glam retro dresses and Cher’s over-the-top feather costuming to Tina Fey’s preppy-chic pieces and Megan Fox’s dark, sultry vibes; these famous May babies wear their signature styles well! That said, the next question for you is: What’s YOUR signature style?


Birthstone Accents


Taurus girls can have a blast styling their distressed Daisy Duke denim shorts with shades of their sapphire birthstone. This bright color provides great energy to an outfit, and can be displayed differently based on a Taurus’ individual personality. Daisy Dukes can be worn with skater sneakers or combat boots, a cool graphic tee, bold sapphire earrings, and a cute sugar skull handbag. This look shows lots of leg, confidence, and comfort. It’s an outfit that can take you from the farmer’s market to a music festival in style

Pearls, the Gemini birthstone, have a vintage glam appeal that instantly adds a touch of class to any outfit. And considering that shades of white and cream naturally work well with denim, the outfits you can create revolved around Daisy Dukes and the pearl birthstone are limitless. Studded pearl earrings, a casual blouse with pearl-like details on the back, a fashion print handbag, and a pair of creeper boots or high heel boots can all work together to create a vintage-inspired modern style. A great lunch-date look!


Birth Flower Statements

The birth flower of Taurus is the bold and bright poppy! This vibrant shade of red is a great color to accent a printed boho maxi dress, which makes for a comfortable, breathable look for spring. Inspired by 60s hippie fashion, the modern boho maxi dress comes in numerous colors and prints. Whether you go for poppy-toned, tassle heeled boots or black knee-high gladiator sandals, explore your many options with footwear. Dangly red earrings, red multi-strand leather bracelets, and statement handbags will also help to create a magnetic style!


Lovely lavender is Gemini’s birth flower – a color that always adds to the beauty of the season! You can explore various purple tones to show your Gemini spirit, from a boho mini dress to pastel hair accessories. Whether you’re planning your birthday outfit or creating a boho festival fashion look, add lavender to your edgy wardrobe for an extra dose of femininity. Pair with combat boots or heeled lace-up booties!


Do you dig the concept of dressing according to your birthstone and birth flower? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below!

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