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How to Style Super-Short Hair For Any Occasion

How to Style Super-Short Hair For Any Occasion

Dying to try super-short hair, but nervous about how to style it? Longing to try a more extreme style, but worried how it will look at your friend's wedding/family reunion/next interview? Super-short and asymmetrical pixie cuts are more popular than ever before, but it's still easy to get scared thinking that the look won't work for you.

Like all elements of style though, all it takes to make the wild hair of your dreams work for all occasions is a little know-how and confidence. Cropped cuts are cropping up everywhere, and these are just a few ways you can have confidence in yours anywhere you want to go!

1) Remember: It's All About Attitude

Edgy short haircuts

Source: Steven Pan for Flair Magazine

How do you want to feel at whatever place you're going? Do you want to be professional, high fashion with maybe a little edge? Are you planning on being outdoors all day and want a style that's going to adjust to the breeze and sunshine? Or, are you going for an approachable and professional (but still alternative) look for the office?

Once you know how you want to feel in a situation you'll know how to style yourself for that situation, and a pixie cut can take you through any scenario. After that, it's all about getting your tools together and trying out new styles till you find one you love.


2) Arm Yourself With Awesome Products 

Pink wears a sparkly fascinator in her bleach blonde pixie cut for a feminine but edgy style

Source: Style Bistro

There's no point in rocking a super short hairstyle if you haven't got the right products to style it. Make sure you've got the right weapons in your arsenal before you go ahead and get the chop - as this will help to insure you against bad hair days further down the line. I recommend the following:

Dry Shampoo - Normally sold in aerosol form, dry shampoo can do so much more than freshen up your style between washings. A quick spray aimed close to the roots and a rub of the scalp and your hair is refreshed and ready to go! While it’s designed to manage oily hair between showers, dry shampoo is a fantastic solution for those of us with short hair who are creating a little extra volume dry shampoo can provide it (whatever phase of the washing cycle you're at).

Root lifter - This spray is a go-to product for folks who crave volume without the trouble of mousse or tons of crunchy hairspray. After washing your hair, towel dry and spritz your roots a few times before blow drying as usual. The result? People with long hair can expect a little more lift through their style, but those with short hair get striking volume that lasts all day!

Pomades - The fellas have had a monopoly on hair pastes, waxes, and sculpting pomades for long enough! This little tub of super-thick cream is about to change everything about how you style in the morning (or refresh your style throughout the day). Pomade comes in a huge variety of strengths and textures, and you can use them to create any look from we-slicked to textured and tousled.

3) Style It Out!

These are just a few looks to give you ideas about how your style might shine through with a super-short ‘do.


Slicked short hairstyle modelled by Shailene Woodley

Source: DailyMail

Slicked-back hair has a special kind of magic to it; slicking disguises its length while giving hair a glossy high-fashion look. You've probably seen some stellar examples of slicked back short hair at red carpet events movie releases, especially if the leading lady cut her hair short for the role. This look works wonderfully for formal events where you’re shooting for a refined look. Save this one for special events where you’ll be rocking something gorgeous and really strutting your stuff. You can amp up the edge by combining this look with the oilslick color trend!


Spiky vs. Spiked

Spiked Punk Rock Hairstyle on Miley Cyrus

Source: WomenFashion

Achieved with your favorite sculpting pomade and sprays, a spiky pixie cut screams fun and adventure. There’s literally nothing holding you back from leaping into a new activity! Spiked hair has a thorny look with individual, stiff spikes, while spiky hair has a softer, more pliable and less defined silhouette. The spiky looks translate well to a number of activities and locations, as it can easily be brushed back quickly or amped up to create true tough-as-nails spikes that pairs perfectly with punk-rock clothing or a grunge inspired style.



Touseled blue short hairstyle for women

Source: Behind The Chair

By far the most versatile short hair style is the tousled look! Pumped up with just a little extra volume, it doesn’t take much to transform bed head into a tousled look when you’ve only got a few inches of hair to handle. If you've never tried tousled hair before, start with some dry shampoo on dry hair for volume, style with your fingers, and finish with a mist of your favorite spray. Tousled locks are perfect for anything from a day at the office to a night out with friends to drinks with a date. Add a little edge to your look with some bright hair dye, or keep things natural - it's up to you.


4) Accessorize!

Short hairstyle with edgy punk hair accessories - spiked headband

Source: FashionSnap

The quickest way to change up super-short hair? Cool and edgy hair accessories! Looking for a calm, polished look for a ceremony or interview? Comb your hair back and hold it in place with a punky headband and clips. Looking to add glimmer to a wedding outfit or a little extra color when you’re heading out with friends? Barrettes are your new best friends!

Many smaller hair clips stay fastened in short hair well, Look for small claw clips, bobby pins, and snap clips the next time you wander down the hair care aisle and see if anything strikes your fancy!


How about you? How do you like to rock your short hair - clipped, sprayed, or free-flowing and fun? Let us know in the comments below!


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