Tarot Card Fashion

Tarot Card Fashion

Tarot card fashion has been gaining in popularity in recent years, with people looking to express their unique style and make bold fashion statements. From high-end designer pieces to bold statement pieces, tarot card-inspired fashion is all about creating a look that reflects your personality, values, and beliefs. In this article, we'll explore the different ways to incorporate tarot cards into your wardrobe, from bold prints to subtle accessories. We'll also discuss the meaning behind each card and how it can be used to create a unique look. So, if you're ready to make a statement with your style, read on to learn more about the power of tarot card fashion.

Tarot fashion to inspire your mystical side!

Every deck of tarot cards is rich in imagery and symbolism, each of which contains certain elements that inspire people in unique ways. Tarot cards were initially used throughout Europe during the mid-15th century for card games before they took on a different personality and were used by mystics and occultists for divination. Now, in the 21st century, many still turn to tarot cards as a way to find special meaning in various areas of their lives, which may include work, love, finances, family, health, and spirituality.

So how does fashion play a role in the growth and evolution of tarot cards? Well, let’s see…the two common themes that fashion and tarot cards share are simple: intuition and understanding. Just as you style your outfits with fashion items that are in line with your image and attitude, interpretation of select tarot cards are also based on what you truly feel deep down and understand about reading and symbolism. Fashion is meant to make you think and tarot cards are meant to make you think, and they both carry a similar weight of sensitivity. Not to mention, fashion allows you to show your connection with tarot card mysticism by incorporating certain pieces into your outfit. Handbags and casual clothing with tarot card symbolism, such as heart imagery, could spark interesting conversations among your friends and colleagues or even while simply standing in line for coffee.

Should you not wish to show your personal interest in tarot cards through fashion; artwork in your home, office, or personal space may provide you the same type of satisfaction! 

For The Guys

Tarot card fashion for guys!

T-shirts and hoodies with tarot card symbolism are easy clothing options to work into nearly any casual outfit. Worn-in jeans, hardcore boots, and gothic style jewelry make for a cool look. Whether worn by itself or under a biker jacket, tarot card tees and cool hoodies for guys can be a simple look with heavy meaning!  

For The Girls

Tarot fashion for the girls!

Tarot card fashion -- also regarded as fashion inspired by the Occult -- for girls can also be a breeze! Whether heading to a local show or vintage shopping, have fun making a radical statement in alternative fashion. Try a pair of leggings or a handbag with tarot card symbolism on it, and let it be the focus. An all-black look will help do just that. Think: a black top, a funky heel or flat boot, and a denim jacket or a black motorcycle jacket. Then again, if you love to mix statements, colors, and textures, you could rock tarot card fashion with nearly any look. This includes boho dresses!

For The Home

Show your tarot card style in the comfort of your own home!

The décor of your personal space says a lot about your character, interests, music taste, and home life. And one of the most significant pieces of décor that exist in a person’s home is artwork, as it depicts his or her personality as well as sets the tone for the overall space. Are you an occultist dying to add tarot card vibes to your gothic bedroom décor? Do you want to start hanging your gothic style jewelry as wall art? Dare to stand out and show your family and guests what you’re made of.

Would YOU ever wear tarot card fashion? Share you feedback with us by leaving a comment below!

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