Tattoo Placement And Why It Matters

Tattoo Placement And Why It Matters

Tattoos are the epitome of forever when it comes to body modification; for this reason, it’s imperative to consider all facets of your tattoo before going under the needle. One of the most commonly undervalued steps in choosing a tattoo should be one of the first to be considered. Tattoo placement is necessary for a plethora of reasons. Some of those reasons are;

Work: While it’s true that having a tattoo doesn’t impact your skill set or ability to work, having one can definitely cause your prospective employer to take a step back. However, tattoos in the workplace are becoming far more accepted. However, it’s still important to keep any future work ventures in mind before getting that newest addition of artwork.

Consider getting your tattoos in places that can be covered by clothing in some way or hidden by a certain hairstyle. Of course, if you yourself are a tattoo artist or work in another extremely free-spirited company, you shouldn’t have to concern yourself over placement due to work.

Some of the more common placements that are easy to hide are arms, legs, torso, back, and ear. Facial tattoos are an extreme tattoo placement that may cause you to lose that office job that you wanted. Take all of these things into consideration as our society continues to get used to the number of art that may show off on their skin. 

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The tattoo's flow: While it may seem trivial to someone who isn’t an artist, the tattoo's overall flow can be determined by something as little as the placement. A tattoo set on the hip will look very different from if it was placed on the back. Tattoo designs rely heavily on where the tattoo will be placed, allowing the artist to draw to conform to your body.

Allow your artist to suggest where the tattoo design may look best because they know best how tattoos work. Being too stingy on where you will and will not get tattooed may impact your new ink's overall outcome. The overall flow of your body will make the best possible impact with your tattoo.

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Size: If you have a tattoo idea with fifteen separate elements that you aren’t willing to get rid of, you’re going to need some space to work with. Your body's overall size will greatly impact where your artist can and cannot place your tattoo. Listen to your artist on this one as well; they will know how big you must go to get the appropriate amount of detail in your requested design.

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Pain: The levels of discomfort during a tattoo can depend on where you have your tattoo placed. If you decide to get the tops of your feet tattooed, be prepared for more pain than you’d experience on the outside of your arm or another more fatty area of the body. Keep in mind that the more fat or muscle tissue under your tattoo, the less pain will be involved. Tattooing directly over tendons such as the trench of the arm or over bones such as your ribs will be more uncomfortable. Remember, when getting a tattoo, the pain levels depends on the location.

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Body Changes: This one isn’t commonly thought of before placing a tattoo, but as your body changes, so does your tattoo. If you are someone who struggles with your weight or plans on starting a family, you may want to steer clear of stomach or breast tattoos. Any placement on the body with a likelihood of stretching and contracting may see the tattoo age pre-maturely or distort the designs. If you absolutely must get tattooed on these areas, choose a non-geometric design that will withstand small amounts of distortion easier.

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