The Merman Trend: Men Are Dyeing Their Hair & It's Awesome

The Merman Trend: Men Are Dyeing Their Hair & It's Awesome

Move over ladies, you no longer have exclusive rights to colorful locks! The Merman hair trend has been receiving more coverage and many men are stepping forward to say this isn't anything new for them. Though some guys lament the days of "laziness" being the standard for male grooming; others have raged head on into the world of personalized style, including colorful locks. Reminiscent of early 80s punk fashion, these modern men are embracing wild colors like blue, purple, and pink.


Check out these looks shared by Facebook fans of RebelsMarket!


Tanner was one of the first men to share his style with us. From his colorful beard to animal print shirt and retro inspired shades, he is clearly not one to go with the standard jeans and tee uniform!


Merman Ombre Beard


James lets his hair stand as a bold accessory against a neutral wardrobe. Making his choice a bold testament to his individuality.


Merman Hair Fuschia


Leroy has been rocking the purple beard for months now. He states -

Some people are really cool about it and give compliments. Others think that I'm having a mid life crisis. Ha Ha.I'm confident enough to sport it. One Older Lady said it takes Lots of confidence to wear a Purple Goatee. She made my Day.



Merman Hair Purple Beard


Clearly, Maq keeps colorful company! He shared a collection of his favorite looks, and we are really digging those black, punk pants!


Merman Hair and Beard in Blue


Our Steampunk fans are going to seriously love Aakash! Look at the upturns on that mustache! 


Merman Hair Red Beard


Jonathan also goes for the punk look with a green mohawk and white gauged ear plugs.


Merman Hair Green Mohawk


These colorful gentlemen had their photos submitted by the proud women in their lives-


Marco is another fan of the red beard!


Merman Hair Red Beard


Mason likes to vary his look, moving from purple to fuschia. Again, we're loving the retro punk styling!


Merman Hair from Purple to Pink


Not to distract from Stu's awesome hair, but can we talk about that killer skull hoodie?!?



Merman Hair Purple Ombre Dreads


Most of these guys had no idea they were part of the Merman trend! They have just been rocking vibrant colors because they love them. We appreciate confident style like that!


What do you think about Merman hair? If you have more photos, leave them in the comments below!


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