The 13 Best Goth Blog You Should Be Following

The 13 Best Goth Blog You Should Be Following

Are you a fan of goth culture? Do you love dark fashion, music, and art? If you’re looking for inspiration and information on all things goth, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 13 best goth blogs you should be following to stay up-to-date with the latest goth trends. Whether you’re a fan of gothic style, music, or even literature, these blogs will have something for you. Read on to discover the best goth blogs to follow!

Goths writers have talent, wisdom and style in spades. Whether you're looking for pure entertainment from Tumblr posts, nostalgia at hearing classic Goth bands, or style inspiration from adult Goths long graduated from Hot Topic, these blogs are here to educate, entertain and amaze you.

The Everyday Goth

Mary Rose, the 20-year-old student behind The Everyday Goth blog and Tumblr, is a prolific writer and poster with style to spare. Her Tumblr is a treasure trove of old school Goth fashion, makeup and homages to classic Goth subjects like The Addams Family. Head over to her blog for in-depth recommendations and advice on Goth subjects, including music, fashion and decorating.



Gothic and Amazing

gothic and amazing

Gothic and Amazing is a mini-media empire that includes a lifestyle magazine, active Facebook page and Tumblr account. Of these, their Tumblr account is the most noteworthy. Follow them on Tumblr to be regularly treated to gorgeous, artful photos of Goth beauties. Their styles range from classic Victorian to the more imaginative, and they've been known to post Gothic women of color, too.

Vincent Van Ghost

Vincent Van Ghost is a love letter to the glory days of the Goth subculture, when The Cure reigned and The Rocky Horror Picture Show and glam rock were recent memories. Elaina, the face behind Vincent, has created an exploration-worthy Tumblr replete with her own (very good) Goth art, a very decent selection of playable Goth songs a la MySpace, and a page specifically dedicated to babes like David Bowie.

The Gothic Mermaid

Nemo Sirene, the personality behind The Gothic Mermaid, is a visual force to be reckoned with. While selfies wear out their welcome quickly, the variety and artistry of Nemo's self-portraiture merits pause. Heavy dark makeup and purple or bluish hair sometimes give way to blonde or even shaved hair. Her appreciation for both dark and pastel Goth fashion isn't her only exceptional trait; her blog is also brimming with models, mermaids, classic Goth subjects and very erotic images.

gothic mermaid

Gothic Charm School

Jillian, AKA the Lady of the Manners, penned Gothic Charm School, a book of etiquette for Goths and their loved ones (I've read it, and recommend it!). Visit her home on Tumblr for a dash of her exquisite taste, from ink wash Xenomorphs, to screencaps and animated GIFs of beloved Goth movies, tours of Gothic mansions and fine Goth fashion.


You'd be hard-pressed to find a more artistic or poetic soul among Goths than Mortisia. Follow her Tumblr to be inundated with references to early film, classic Hollywood, the glory of European cities, the beauty of Japanese culture, and much, much more, all with a Gothic tint. Other than spare images that bleed ambiance, look for educational posts that dissect noteworthy Goth subjects, like Edgar Allen Poe.

Steampunk Tendencies

Don't let the name fool you. Steampunk Tendencies is an image-based blog that is curated to show only the finest and most fascinating gadgets, art and architecture with footing in the Steampunk world. The overlap with Goth aesthetics is frequent, from the appearance of black cats to the macabre tone of many otherwise Steampunk model photos.

steampunk tendencies



Sophistique Noir

At Sophistique Noir, the author is out to elevate the Goth fashion blog. Each post contains a tasteful and approachable outfit for the Goth fashionista. Different outfits are labeled for work, weekends, clubbing and more. Explore the Tutorials section to learn about wardrobe apps or how to create the perfect eyebrow with makeup. Finally, if you have a blog yourself, follow her Monthly Theme to have fun with the community of Gothic bloggers.

This is CorpGoth

Being an adult Goth with a respectable job – a CorpGoth – doesn't get celebrated enough. At This Is CorpGoth, author Tristan posts photos of her job-friendly Goth work outfits with sources for each piece while discussing herself, her transition into adulthood, and Goth fashion in general. This Is CorpGoth is also notable for the fact that Tristan is a full-figured woman wearing mostly casual clothing. What a breath of crisp night air compared to all the svelte, glamorous model types you see in most Goth photography!

Vulcan Butterfly

Another CorpGoth, Vulcan Butterfly admits to enjoying slathering herself in makeup each day in a way that won't get her in trouble at work. Peruse her blog to find makeup recommendations and breakdowns of full looks. Take a gander at the makeup used for a particular work or nighttime look, then use the close-up photos of her eye and lip makeup to replicate it on yourself. Full body pictures let you see her outfit, and she gives sources for each item she wears. From concerts, to cabaret, to summer fashion, Vulcan Butterfly has fashion inspiration to spare.

GIY: Goth It Yourself

Blog author Bane combines her two greatest loves – being Goth and DIY – to create GIY. From sewing her own dresses using fabrics with Goth prints, to redecorating her kitchen in all black, to Gothifying her dining room chairs, Bane runs the gamut with her ingenious projects. Visit her blog to catch the crafting bug, and don't miss her adorable photo-bombing dog.

Domesticated Goth

TheHouseCat, the author of Domesticated Goth, is a true Renaissance woman. She's a photographer, artist, illustrator, avid reader, music and theater aficionado, hiker, archer and lover of martial arts. TheHouseCat imbues her blog with her intelligence and creativity, posting thoughtfully on subjects ranging from fashion to architecture to paganism. Peruse her amazingly extensive tag cloud to get her take on any subject you desire.



These Goth bloggers demonstrate the artistry, style and humor that make the Gothic community vibrant to this day. Whatever your age, personality, interests or taste in fashion, these writers make your time online worthwhile.

Which blogger interests you most? Are you aware of any excellent Goth blogs that should be added to this list?


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