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The Beautiful People Of Firefly 2015. Our Style Roundup Shows Not Everyone Goes Boho!

Teri Bildstein Published On: 24-06-2015
The Beautiful People Of Firefly 2015. Our Style Roundup Shows Not Everyone Goes Boho!

For several years now, fashion sites have been turning all eyes to the styles coming from big name festivals like Coachella, Firefly, Bonaroo, and Burning Man. Unfortunately, the photos have not shown the same diversity as the musical talent. Does this mean that anyone outside of the young Boho crowd will feel like a shining alt beacon in the sea of tie dye and crochet? Our coverage of Firefly 2015 revealed a much different version of festival attire and attendees.

Take a look at these standout street styles found at this year's event - 

BFF Festival Fashion Trend Setters


BFF Street Fashion from Firefly 2015


Sardonic t shirts have been popular on the street for years, but this lady's long tank dress adds class to the standard slogan.

Her friend is walking proof that accessories make the ensemble. Her basic black midriff top with standard jean shorts would be Plain Jane if not for her beautifully draped printed scarf and bold heart sunglasses. Even her coordinating hair color adds to the overall look!



Street Trend Fashion from Firefly Festival 2015


This trio has an awesome throwback style that mixes boho chic accents with 90s grunge basics for an effortless "I'm here for the music" style.


Fashion props that make it easy to find your friends at Firefly 2015


Where to begin with this duo?! The wide brim felt hat and lacey, fringed cover are pretty common in festival fashion. The monochromatic black and neon bikini top elevate the look from part of the herd to leaders of the pack!


Alt Girl Fashion at Firefly 2015


Some people fear bold prints, others own them. These two clearly fall in the latter category. A skinny strap checked tank top has a modern punk edge with retro appeal.

Horizontal stripe tops are a classic staple to many wardrobes but the addition of stylish black bibs makes this outfit stand out in the crowd.


BFF Style at Firefly 2015


This year's festival saw a lot of rain. I mean A Lot of rain. These friends refused to be hindered by a bit of mud! A fun printed hobo bag gave life to a block color ensemble; while fun, pink galoshes added practicality to a flowing, printed maxi dress.


Love the retro 90s style - Firefly Festival 2015


Matching best friend bracelets have been around for awhile, but complementary denim bib shorts are a new and glorious development!

We love combined vintage grunge style these ladies accomplished with a printed t shirt mixed with classic Converse sneakers next to the simple black midriff top with high lace combat boots!


Friends with their own unique style at Firefly 2015


When it wasn't raining, the sun was baring down on the crowns of attendees; making hats and head scarves a stylish and necessary accessory for women and men. American flag clothing could be found in a variety of styles but this guy's combination was simply awesome!


Light Up The Night - Firefly 2015


When the sun went down on the Woodlands, more creative outfits could be found. When the DJ's took the stage, LED and neon fashion were more common. However, this gentleman was the only person we saw rocking an awesome pirate inspired hat and shirt!


Standout Festival Street Styles


These ladies brought their A Game! Their outfits are stylish, have practical elements, and can be implemented easily in non-festival environments!


Lady In Black - Firefly Festival Fashion 2015


We love black. All day, every day. However, it can be hard to wear under an oppressive sun! This lovely lady found a way to take our monochromatic fave into the light of day. Standard festival tops often feature crochet and lace because they allow air to flow. By choosing a lace top with fringe in black over a matching cami, she was able to bring an edge to the classic boho style festivals have become famous for.


Firefly Festival Fashion Featuring Monochromatic Blues


Colorful hair, face and body paint, and beautifully layered necklaces give this adorable lady a fest ready look. Her stylish backless top, light cotton shorts, and comfortable fashion sneakers give her a comfortable base that can easily be rotated into daily use!


Retro 90s Floral Jumper and Galoshes - Perfect Firefly Festival Fashion


Bold retro sunglasses? Check. Knee high rain boots? Check. Cross body satchell? Check. Adorable floral print playsuit? Check.

Everything about this outfit can (and should) be worn in everday life. But let's be honest, the one thing that sets this style apart from similar looks of the day is that beaming grin. Remember, you are never fully dressed without a smile! 


The Grown Ups Were Rocking Their Own Festival Fashion


There comes an age when comfort takes precedent to trends. That does NOT mean we give up on fashion! As these photos show, even the "grown ups" have a style of their own. 


The couple that rocks together - stays together. Festival Fashion from Firefly 2015


First, let's just acknowledge that they are so cute together, they could be wearing burlap sacks and still be adorable! Instead, they have both chosen comfortable shorts and graphic tee shirt combos that keep them casual and cool. 


Ladies Night Style - Festival Fashion from Firefly 2015


Did these two plan to compliment each other so well? Their vintage inspired ensembles play beautifully off one another!


The many faces of festival fashion - Firefly Music Festival 2015

This geometric pattern dress has a very urban feel which compliments nicely with her friend's choice of classic black!


What did the performers wear at Firefly this year?

As much as we love sharing styles from awesome people just like you, we realize many want to know what the stars wore. Here are some of our favorites from the festival lineup-


Women in the Festival Spotlight


Zella Day - Firefly Festival Fashion 2015


Zella Day kept her look fresh with an all white ensemble accented with bold boho jewelry.


Halsey - Firefly Festival Fashion 2015


Halsey had a more punk inspired style with a striped tank and form fitting black pants. Small stud earrings climb her ear and a simple watch and sunglasses finished off the look.


Elliphant - Firefly Festival Fashion 2015



Elliphant defined urban fashion with her oversize top and shorts. A very simple black choker necklace gave a feminine touch to her athletic style.


The Men Wore On Stage

Most of the men kept it simple with button up shirts or graphic tees. 

Sturgill Simpson - Country Western Fashion -  Firefly Music Festival 2015
Sturgill Simpson kept it country.



Citizen Cope - Firefly Fashion 2015
Citizen Cope wore button up shirts at both of his performances



Awol Nation - Firefly Fashion 2015
Awol Nation opted for a graphic tee and dark shades.



Dirty Heads - Firefly Festival Fashion 2015
Dirty heads represented the button up and a graphic tank.



Hozier - Firefly Festival Fashion 2015
Yes, Hozier was of the button up crew, but can we talk about the backup singers?! Love their leather and lace look!



Snoop Dogg - Firefly Festival Fashion 2015
Snopp Dogg had his button up and was accompanied by plain tees and tanks.



Cage the Elephant - Firefly Festival Fashion 2015
Matt Schultz of Cage the Elephant went with a full black look.



Many Styles In The Crowd


In the end, the best way to absorb the variety of styles on display is to stand back and scan the crowd. As you can see, there really is no standard to the faces and fashion that we saw at Firefly this year. There is no reason for anyone to feel out of place in this group!


Firefly Music Festival 2015 Crowd

Firefly Music Festival 2015 Crowd

Firefly Music Festival 2015 Beercade Crowd
All Firefly Music Festival photos are courtesy of Brad Burkhardt


Share your favorite concert or festival look in the comments below!


Firefly Music Festival 2015 at night

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