The Best 6 'Under The Sea' Fashion Looks You Should Have In Your Closet

The Best 6 'Under The Sea' Fashion Looks You Should Have In Your Closet

Leviathans, giant squids, the great white whale of Moby Dick, pirates, mermaids and the call of the chtulu! All these various sea creatures have played a key role in fantasy, mythology and general literature.

Herman Melville’s 1851 classic Moby Dick, seeks out the great elusive white whale that takes down the crew piece by piece in madness. In film, the hugely popular series The Pirates of the Caribbean raised the popularity of pirates into popular culture in the 00’s. The marriage of subcultures like steampunk, zombie, horror and gothic styles are found in sea-life and mythology literatre and alternative fashion. You can find these sea creature fashion choices on RebelsMarket. Check out the various animal fashion you will find;

1. Octopus

The leggy Octopus leggings from Too fast are comfy with a fun Octopus pattern. This Vintage Silver Sea Monster Octopus Pocket Watch Necklace from Air Tears Shop is also an amazingly intricate timepiece, a stunning item to wear against your chest. Available in silver and gold.

This stunning Steampunk neck corset makes a brilliant statement piece. An octopus/cthulu creature is the focal point of the piece, surrounded by lace and steampunk charms.

2. Starfish

Starfish are some of the most enigmatically beautiful sea creatures.

 If you have stars in your eyes and love these unique creatures we have some cool jewerly like this starfish sand necklace from Urania Art. 

3. Pirates

Fearless and scary, you can never have too many pirate accessories.

This skull and crossbones bag will definitely give you the piratical look!

A pirate mens shirt from Lovesweetbox featuring a line of badass pirate skulls.

 Will you add this plunder to your treasure horde?

4. Sea horses

I love this little sea horse pendant! Bring the ocean with you wherever you go. This pendant would be perfect to complete a simple silver chain. 

5. Mermaids

This funky, tattoo-inspired mermaid adorns a polyester umbrella – perfect for keeping the rain off in style. Little mermaid pendants, necklaces and tops are also popular.

Black with antiqued silver hand-painted design, this striking mermaid phone design won't protect your phone from water damage, but it will make you less of a landlubber.

6. Sea Adventure

Are you a steampunk maiden off on a seven seas adventure?

This gorgeous Steampunk bolero jacket will keep that ocean chill off. An extraordinary piece, be sure to check this out!

7. Fish

Finally and definitely not least, fish. When you thin of the sea you think of fish. They inhabit the seas and oceans and represent fluidity. 

These amazing jewelry pieces are rare just like the fish they are shaped after. These cute swimming fish dangling earrings from Uniqboutiq will compliment your outfit perfectly. 

Where will your nautical adventures take you next? Do you have any other sea inspired fashion? Comment below.