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The Bold And The Braless - You Can Ditch Your Bra Too!

Elana Pruitt Published On: 22-07-2016
The Bold And The Braless - You Can Ditch Your Bra Too!

Going braless is not a new phenomenon – not at all.  From the 1960s symbolic bra burning feminist movement to modern-day’s free the nipple campaign, the concept that we have to wear a bra before we go out in public has definitely shifted. What was once a hardcore political statement has turned into a common, everyday choice.


Is braless street style up your alley?
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For smaller-busted women, the decision is often for practical reasons. When there’s not much on top, messing with straps and clasps can be more annoying and cumbersome than feeling free in your super cute summer dress! Larger-busted women – those who may benefit a bit more from the support of a bra – may also be turned off from bras for practical reasons, such as feeling restricted. Chicks with bigger boobs, whether they are real or implants, may also just wanna let it all hang out as a sexy summer alternative or turn to a sports bra for comfy support.


So as more and more millennial are going braless or choosing wireless “bralettes” versus padded push-ups, the more accepting our society should be if we’re feeling more empowered to dress as we wish…right? Er, don’t hold you breath. But there are a few factors to consider first if you’re ready to ditch your ‘lil lady undergarment and actually give a shit what others think. Keep these 3 things in mind when going braless:


Your Environment Matters (If You Care)


Celebrities continue to rock trendsetting braless styles!
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Let’s be honest: Celebrities can rock any rebellious fashion trend and still come out on top. Making mistakes with edgy fashion is hardly detrimental to them, considering the press they get no matter what. Sure, their stylists may be embarrassed, but for the most part, the passes celebs get with their fashion is oh-so-very different as compared to an everyday millennial. 


Yes, where you choose to rock you braless look actually does matter. Going shopping on a summer day? Why not. Going to a family barbeque? That’s a tad risky. Going braless in high school? That could be dangerous. Recently, a Montana teen was reprimanded for not wearing a bra, after a male teacher complained he was uncomfortable. Turned out that the controversy surrounding Kaitlyn Juvik, ended up working in her favor as she decided to take a stance against “body and shaming and the sexualizing of women,” even earning her the nickname: “Kaitlyn the Braless Warrior.” But not all towns or school systems are the same. That said, be mindful of where you rock your empowered look. Not everyone gets it.


Dirty Stares Could Be Coming Your Way


Let your inner rebel come through in braless fashion!
Daily Mail


Sorry, not everyone is down with the cause. So, keep in mind that conservative passerbys may give you rude looks out of disapproval regarding your braless rack, while other looks may be full of lust and adoration. Both could make you feel inferior or uncomfortable, so just be aware that you decision to not wear a bra could get reactions that you really didn’t want in the first place. (Or did you?)


The exposed shape and sometimes color of the nipple could make someone squirm out of disgust or delight – it’s expected. So if you’re someone who wants to go braless without extra attention, then start being strategic with the colors and fabrics you choose. The darker the tank top and the thicker the tank top, the less your nipples will show. That said, the lighter the top and the thinner the top, the more your nipples will show. Keep this in mind, especially during the summer, as the sun will amplify the appearance of your bare boobs.


Confidence Is the Not-So-Secret Ingredient


Let your confidence shine with an empowering braless look!


If you’re not a hundred percent on board with going braless for the day, or a special occasion, just don’t do it. Letting the shape of your breasts and nipples come through in a cool top or fitting maxi dress is a major rebel move that the meek should steer clear from. This is because feelings of shame and embarrassment will come through in your posture, your facial expressions, and your communication style if you’re not ready to be bold and braless. (Do you really want to cross your arms over your chest the entire time you’re speaking with someone?)


From personal experience, going braless is the next best thing to a comfy sports bra simply because it’s super comfortable. As a curvy-fit woman, I’m proud of my shape and size, so showing it off as I want and when I want is a sense of freedom that I absolutely love. So if you’re ready to skip out on your bra, make sure you energy is in line with your decision!


Have you ever gone bra-less? What has your experience been like? Please share your thoughts with us in a comment below!


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