The Rocky Horror Picture Show Inspired Fashion

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Inspired Fashion

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has gained a cult following for its music, themes of overt camp sexuality and performance shock tactics which blend the sub-culture of travestism, bringing it into cult popularity.

Today, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is just as popular as when it was first released as a film in 1975, and has been performed worldwide as a stage show. The most notable visual effect of the film is the setting—a dark gothic inspired mansion where a lost couple Janet and Brad find in the dark one night in Transylvania after their car has broken down. Unknowingly, they stumble upon a meeting of the weird and wonderful—a party of drag queens, sexual deviants and Frankenstein wannabes, creating the ultimate man and exploring the camp diversity of male sexuality.

Tim Curry plays Dr Frank N Furter : describing himself in the song of the same name as ‘the Sweet Transvetite from Transexual Translyvannia’. The most famous song from the film is the Time Warp that will have you singing along and doing all the moves along with the cast.

When going to view the Rocky Horror picture show, it's common to go in costume, to sing along to all the songs, and to perform actions (such as throwing toast at the screen during the toast scene). This makes for a great night out!

Here are some great items from RebelsMarket inspired by the film:

The main motif of Rocky Horror which feature dominantly on the promotional posters are of course a pair of men’s red lips, which are literally meant to imply female sexuality. You can find these great red lip inspired rings as a dominant accessory which is a clear reference to Rocky Horror: Red Lip Ring from Inked Boutique and this Red lip pattern corset from SCT which is a perfect party piece.

stiletto heels

Rocky Horror’s costumes are the most memorable visual feature from the film. For a costume party, Halloween or a Rocky Horror themed night out, try these Gothic inspired black stiletto heels with Women’s black Garters to emulate your favourite Rocky Horror character.

womens garters

vinyl handbag

Top off your outfit with these accessories. This Vinyl record handbag is original and cleverly designed.

This Cherry Red Wig will set you apart in the crowd and emphasis the dramatic costume camp that is Rocky Horror. 

Off to see the film, or just need a fabulous costume for a night out? You can't go past the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Which character will you be?