The Top 4 Couture Designers Gone Steampunk!

The Top 4 Couture Designers Gone Steampunk!

All the designers we will consider here have been linked to high fashion styles. The interpretation of their works manifests as clockworks and corset tops, cogs and goggles, boots and bustles, and a return to materials such as wood, metal, velvet, leather and lace.  Characterized by a culture of creativity, Steampunk fashion, along with art, housewares, literature, modifications and any number of items one can think of, grows from a science fiction foundation including Victorian style and tech gadgetry.  Until recently, it seemed as if the small, independent crafter nature of steampunk style was beyond the realm of the fashion industry. However, since 2010 several influential designers have started incorporating Steampunk elements into their lines. The mainstreaming has happened before with such styles as Goth, which went through a period of becoming mainstreamed.  Now many elements of Goth fashion are commonplace across the broader market including choker necklaces, bolero shrugs, platforms boots, fishnet stockings, and double layered, waffle-knit t-shirts

Some of these Steampunk-loving designers include:

  • Versace; According to Versace's Spring 2013 line is pugilistic and decidedly not Steampunk except for some chic metallic leather cross body holsters.  These are so quintessentially Victorian, that over Donatella Versace's ultramodern suits, they are striking, though definitely harken back to their steamy inspiration. Steampunk clothing for men, they offer coats and tails, pantaloons and trousers, shirts, waistcoats, hats, and even pocket watches. While you’re shopping don’t forget to deck yourself out in Steampunk accessories. Clockwork Couture sells everything from bags to jewelry and more. Create your one of a kind Vintage look with these classic period ensembles. 


Versace Spring 2013

  • Prada: Last summer Prada announced the launch of its men’s Steampunk line. This line brings a modern feel to classic Victorian style offering tailored suits, vests, high collars, pin stripes, and even sunglasses that can be warn on any given day. These Prada fashions are not over the top but they will make you stand out.  

Prada Fall 2012

  • Alexander McQueen: At Paris Fashion Week this past October, Sarah Burton incorporated variations of Victorian looks into Alexander McQueen’s runway show. These fashion pieces included voluminous, Scarlett O’Hara–inspired gowns and tightly synced shear corsets, accessorized by some fascinating headpieces and lavishly Steampunk booties any Steampunk girl would kill for. Alexander McQueen designed some beutiful Steampunk inspired shoes in the Spring 2012 collection any girl would kill for.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 line


  • Christian Dior: In the spring of 2010, John Galliano designed a line of looks for Christian Dior influenced by 20th century designs and style including corsets, top hats, flowing fabrics, layers of lace and BIG hair.  These looks had sex appeal as well as those classic Vintage layers enjoyed by Steampunk enthusiasts. The Steampunk clothing for women is a hit for many.

Chrisitan Dior 2010

The popularity of Steampunk over the years has resulted in mixed reactions from people all over. However RebelsMarket strives to provide the best Steampunk clothing collection out there for the real Steampunks at heart.

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