The Ultimate Guide On How to Accessorize With Bracelets

The Ultimate Guide On How to Accessorize With Bracelets

Many women consider adding a bracelet to an outfit already accessorized with a necklace and earrings gaudy. A startling amount of people have eliminated bracelets from their jewelry boxes altogether. These people give reasons such as: they’re too clunky, they’re never occasion appropriate, and most often heard, bracelets are too hard to match with my other accessories.


Wear bracelets with other accessories



If your bracelet complaints align with the ones I’ve listed, then I have great news. Below you’ll find a list of 10 tips on how to accessorize with bracelets.

1) Get chunky bangles you’ve had your eyes on.

The last thing you want at the office is to be disrupting the work environment with the sound of your bangles clanking together. If you’re choosing a bracelet for work, pick one that is thinner in width; one that is stylish but at the same time unobtrusive. A neutral gold or silver toned bracelet might look good with a stylish two-piece suit paired along with a chain necklace. 

2) Don’t be afraid to mix and match bracelet widths, colors, and patterns.

I’m not saying you should load the bracelet artillery onto your wrists when you’re getting ready to go out with friends, or on a date. From experience I know how difficult it is to show restraint while accessorizing, but in the case of bracelet wearing, less can be more. Donning a couple bracelets of different color, pattern, and size is a good way to add visual interest to your outfit. When it comes to picking out bracelets to stack, trust your own judgment, find bracelets that compliment but don’t match each other perfectly.


Stack and layer your bracelets


3) Black Dress + Metallic Bracelet = Classic Combo

If you’re ever wearing a cute little black dress and are overwhelmed with the possibilities of how to accessorize, a simple gold or silver bracelet is a classic and timeless way to do the trick. If you want to get matchy, this is the perfect occasion to do so. A black cheap dress accessorized with a gold chain bracelet and the same-hued hoop earrings is set to be a stunner.

4) DO NOT mix metals.

If you’re going for the gold, go all the way. Combining metals in your accessories is risky, and doesn’t always lead to the fashionable payout you think it will. When it doubt, stick to one metal.


Stick to a single type of metal like gold or silver.



5) Comfort comes first.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that if the bracelet looks to big on your wrist, it isn’t going to be a good buy regardless of how stunning it looks. You don’t want to spend the time wearing it constantly wondering if it’s still there, and after it falls off (which it will) where you dropped it. Do yourself a favor, and find a beautiful bracelet that fits, and feels comfortable.

6) Get a bracelet that has a dual function.

Did you know that you can purchase a bracelet that doubles as a watch? Odds are, you probably heard of them, and maybe even already considered adding one to your hoard of accessories. I’m just giving you the go ahead.


Watches that can double as bracelets.
These watches serve as bracelets. Shop here


7) Have fun matching beaded bracelets.

Beaded bracelets are comfortable, fashionable, and most importantly fun to style. Of course you could wear just one, but if you’re going for a more boho-chic look, get ready to stack. A wrist full of turquoise beads and a flowing long sleeve maxi dress is the perfect statement look for warmer months. You can even find a variety of skull bracelets to add an edgier vibe to your outfit!

8) Less is more.

I’ve mentioned this earlier in the article, but I thought it deserved it’s own place on the list. Please don’t go bangle crazy, or bog your poor wrists down with too many heavy bracelets. They deserve better than that, and so do you. If you work in one of the more creative fields, and you’re allowed to have fun with your work ensemble, you might want to play with color by choosing a single leather cuff bracelet over the typical metallic styles. 


Bold Statement Bracelets from RebelsMarket
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9) DO consider the length of your sleeve.

This may seem like common sense, but it important to reiterate. If you’re going to be wearing a long sleeved blouse, or pullover, it doesn’t make sense to add a bracelet that no one will see. Save them for shorter sleeves, or sleeves that are ¾ length.

10) Buy a bracelet that you will wear more than once.

I think that everyone has had experiences with the 'impulse buy', and not all of them have been pleasant. Take time to think where you're going to wear your splurge, the miles you'll get out of your new bracelet. If the answer is once and done, then don't make the purchase.


Choose bracelets you can wear often.



If you have any other suggestions- Please feel free to leave your comments below. 


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