The Ultimate Holiday Party Survival Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Party Survival Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it's time to start planning your holiday party! Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a large gathering, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to plan the perfect event. Don't worry, we're here to help you with the ultimate holiday party survival guide. With our tips and tricks, you can throw a stress-free and fun holiday party that your guests will love. From decorations to food and drinks, we've got you covered! Let's get started and make this the best holiday party yet.

It seems like every year; the holidays get a little more hectic. There are more people to shop for, more places to be, and less time to do it all. Often, the moments that are supposed to be the most fun, like parties, become the most stressful part of celebrating. Deciding what to wear or what to bring can seem like a chore and actually hosting a holiday party is suddenly a nightmare task you don't want to consider.

Don't let the Grinch get you down! At RebelsMarket, we are working hard to take the stress out of your holiday season. We have compiled a list of solutions to the most common event dilemmas in our Ultimate Holiday Party Survival Guide. 


Fun gift and outfit ideas for your holiday parties
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Easy Gifts For Every Party

These days, most people have to work with a budget. This can get tricky when you have multiple parties to attend. In our Holiday Gift Guides section, you can find ideas by price point for many parties.

Lately, many parties have instilled a White Elephant Gift theme to add fun to gift exchanges on a budget. We have compiled some creative ideas, and all are unisex in nature to increase the chances that everyone will fight for your contribution!

 White Elephant Gift Party Ideas from RebelsMarket
All of the items in this image are $20 or less.


1 - Flasks

Flasks have come a long way from the traditional metal vessels you may have seen in old movies. Many people appreciate the old fashioned nature of a classic flask, but newer pieces can be found with a wide array of patterns and materials that really allow a personality to shine. You can check out a selection of modern flasks here

Flasks make unique gifts and are a fun option for White Elephant Gift parties.


2 - Beanies

Beanies have always been a winter weather staple, but recent trends have taken them from the classic crochet headwear to a popular accessory that allows individual style to shine. Find our full selection of beanies here

Beanies are a great gift idea. You do not need a person's clothing size to give the gift of fashion.


3 - Card Holders

Card holders may bring to mind Mad Men retro power lunches, but modern options offer a lot more edge than the classics. These days, they often double as money or cigarette cases. Add a bit of fun to your office party by bringing a trendy card holder like one of these.

Awesome gift idea - These clever metal cases can hold money, business cards, or cigarettes.


4 - Goggles

Pop culture has moved from the land of the geek to the world of mainstream. It is no longer considered odd to enjoy hobbies like comics, Sci-Fi, and Cosplay. Steampunk goggles are a fun and unexpected offering for your White Elephant Gift Party. Find a selection of stylish goggles here

Steampunk Goggles are an edgy and unique gift idea.


5 - Electronics Accessories

Everyone loves gadgets, and while you may be unable to add to their collection of gizmos, you can certainly help personalize the pieces they already have. Laptop and tablet skins, mobile phone cases, and charms are all inexpensive but well-appreciated gift ideas. See more electronic accessories here.

Need a gift idea? Tech accessories are always a perfect fit.


6  - Skull Jewelry

Skull is an edgy choice for accessorizing any outfit. Skulls transcend labels and have become a classic staple to every alternative style. A simple skull pendant necklace is a jewelry piece everyone will fight for. Find other ideas for skull jewelry here

Skull jewelry always makes a statement. Find awesome pieces at RebelsMarket.


What To Wear To Your Holiday Parties

One of the tricky parts of party styling is knowing how casual a friendly party will be. Unless an invitation includes a theme or states you should wear winter formal; the appropriate outfit can be hard to determine. 

An easy shortcut is layering your outfit with edgy pieces that can be shed to reach your comfortable level of casual.

Unisex styles tend to have a slimmer cut. This allows them to look stylish on either gender and they are easier to layer. Start with a solid t-shirt in a holiday color, add an Avant Garde cardigan, and finish with a leather motorcycle jacket.

Leather pants are not just for bikers and rockers anymore. They are an easy choice for dressing any outfit up or down. Add edgy boots and accessories, and you will be good to go!


Unisex Holiday Fashion - Traditionally - The Men's Department will offer more unisex options.


How To Wear An Ugly Christmas Sweater

One party theme that has grown in popularity is the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. People have started taking ugly Christmas sweaters very seriously, spending a ton of money to go tacky from head to toe or using a lot of time to make their own hideous holiday creation.

We suggest you save time and money by remembering this theme started as a joke. Maintain the subtle humor by choosing a colorful sweater that is louder than your normal wardrobe. Let the punchline grab the attention by downplaying the rest of your outfit. Choose simple black jeans and keep accessories to a minimum. If you plan to dress in layers, choose a funny graphic t-shirt or a beanie with a slogan, to extend the humor without distracting from the main joke. 


Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are a modern tradition. Find fun sweaters for your next party at RebelsMarket.



Are there any other holiday events you would like advice on? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


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