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Top 10 Celebrity Pranks

Belle Morte Published On: 31-03-2015
Top 10 Celebrity Pranks

Happy April Fools! It’s that time of year again, where we come together to prank those we love the most.  But, if you’re running low on ideas you can always use your favorite celebrity pranks for some inspiration. While there have been many different celebrity pranks pulled over the years, and almost all of them are noteworthy, there has been a handful that many people won’t soon forget.

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Here are the top 10 Celebrity pranks:

1 - Daniel Radcliffe wears the same outfit to annoy Paparazzi.

We all know him as Harry Potter, but, he’s gone on to bigger things in his career. But, one of the things he’s done that isn’t related to his fandom or his job as a celebrity is pull a fast one on the Paparazzi. Daniel decided to get even with the Paparazzi while working on the play Equus, by wearing the same outfit every night when he left the building. This would cause the photographers to groan and leave him alone for the night.

It has been said that he wore the same outfit from February to March, for five solid months to get back at the Paparazzi for their constant flash photography.

Celebrity Pranks Daniel Radcliffe Same Outfit For Months


2 - Ashton Kutcher pranks Justin Timberlake.

At one time Ashton Kutcher pranked Justin Timberlake into thinking the government had taken everything he owned, his home, all of his belongings, even his dogs. While some may say that this prank went too far, others continue to remember the time that Timberlake, a grown man, was brought to tears and very near to a physical altercation with Kutcher.

Celebrity Pranks Ashton Kutcher Justin Timberlake


3 - Jimmy Kimmel: The Gift of Giving.

Jimmy Kimmel pulled off a Christmas prank when he got his adult viewers involved in giving their kids early Christmas presents that they would no doubt hate. This prank of course caused many tantrums and upset children. However, there were a few kids who thanked their parents anyway, showing that they really do deserve what was left remaining under the tree.

Jimmy Kimmel Christmas prank


4 - Brad Pitt convinces his friends Y2K is real.

During New Years Eve in 1999, Brad Pitt rented a resort which was soon filled with their friends. However, it didn’t end up the party that his friends may have anticipated because he had paid off the government to cut power and phone lines to trick his friends into thinking Y2K was real.

Brad Pitt Y2K prank


5 - Mel Gibson pranked Julia Roberts with freeze-dried rats.

At one point, Mel Gibson pranked Julia Roberts with a gift wrapped freeze-dried rat, and had been known to leave them in fun locations for her to find. No doubt, the screams were heard everywhere.

Mel Gibson Celebrity Prankster

6 - George Clooney throws a fake wedding for Brad Pitt.

In an attempt to prank the paparazzi, Clooney threw a fake wedding for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, with high top tables and all. It is speculated that the Paparazzi believed them for two weeks before realizing the truth.

George Clooney Wedding Prank


7 - Aziz Ansari pranks Anderson Cooper.

Running a little bit late, Aziz pranked Cooper by sending in a look-alike to stand in for him. It wasn’t until Aziz entered the stage that Anderson realized he had been pranked.

Aziz Ansari Prankster


8 - Thandie Newton replaced the water with vodka.

During the promotion of The Mission Impossible 2, Thandie replaced Simon Pegg’s water with cheap vodka.

Thandie Newton Vodka Prank


9 - Channing Tatum used an awkwardly sized prosthetic penis during the filming of The Vow.

All you need to do is use your imagination with this one. In filming the Vow, Tatum used a fairly large sized prosthetic, which made his co-star stare in awe.

Channing Tatum Prank


10 - Jennifer Garner is a rule breaker when she broke all of the on-set rules.

When her costar made a list of set rules that everyone had to abide by, Jennifer set about breaking every last one of them.

Jennifer Garner Rebel Prankster

Stories courtesy of StyleBlazer, vh1, and Cracked