Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends You Must Try

Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends You Must Try

Another season, another wardrobe. Since summer is over, it is finally time to start layering again. Expect to mix and match your outfit with bomber jackets, sweaters and coats. But, before you start basking in the joy of Fall, you first need to know the following:

What should you shop for?

What is in style?

What accessories should you buy?

Fashion is a very fast-paced world. What is in last season may be completely out of style for this season. After all, it is a completely new season with an entirely new look. As a fashionista, it is your job to stay on trend. This means that your first task is to is to know the trends and to hunt them down. 


So, how do you make the fall to summer transition? Well, we’ve made your fall fashion dilemmas a lot simpler by creating a list of the top fall trends. Scroll down below to check out what is in store for Fall 2016.


1. Pantsuit

Pantsuits are a trend you Must Try for Fall 2016



This fall is about celebrating strong, independent and working women. After all, the new cool is slaying at work and conquering the board room. And what better way to slay than by wearing a pantsuit. It makes you look slim, stylish, and perfectly professional.  Plus, it can be worn anytime anywhere. If you need an example, then look no further than presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Her busy schedule leaves little time for fashion, but with the pantsuit, she will always look stylish.

This season ease into the trend by wearing a matching set from top to bottom. Pair it with a plain camisole that matches with the overall outfit, and you are good to go.   To accessorize, add metallic accessories, chokers, and tote bags.   The key to this trend is to prioritize comfort and convenience. So, just be yourself and always be confident.


2. Off-the-Shoulder

Must Have Trend for Fall 2016- Off The Shoulder Fashion



This fall, expect off-the-shoulder fashion to be everywhere! For the past few weeks, it has overtaken both the red carpet and the fashion runway, which means that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. But its virality is definitely not surprising. Unlike abs, women's shoulders are always sexy. This just goes to show that you do not need to hit the gym to look hot. If you want an effortless way to show some skin, then off-the-shoulder is the way to go.

Think blouses with cutout shoulders or swing dresses. The best ones should have an easy breezy fit, since the main highlights are the exposed shoulders. For a classier look, add in some necklaces or bow chokers. But, don't overdo it. After all, simplicity is beauty.


3. Metallics

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend to Try - Metallics



It is certainly true that all that glitters is not gold. With the metallic trend taking over the runway, it seems that fashionistas will also glitter. Why? Well, for the uninitiated, fashion week is absolutely in love with metallic.

From bomber jackets and tops to skirts and boots; it seems that a sea of bold metallic colors just took over the fashion world. Though, their popularity definitely makes sense. An all-out metallic ensemble can really steal the show. Plus, they make crowds stop-and-stare.

This Fall, ease into the trend by pairing up gold tops with slouchy tan pants for a royal outfit or combine a dark blue top with a gold metallic skirt for a more casual look. To accessorize, start off with large hoop earrings and chain-link pieces. For a more regal look, add in some jewelry pieces with gold and diamond. The key to the trend is to combine minimal low-key outfits. Let the colors pop and speak for themselves.


4. Pajamas

Street Ready Pajama Styles are a Must for Fall 2016



It seems like, finally, comfort and glamor can co-exist in the fashion world. Gone are the days where your options were sky-high heels or tight body-con dresses. With the pajamas trend, you can now indulge in soft and silky pajamas ready to be worn on the streets. If you are feeling bold, then you can dare to wear the full set from head to toe, or you can just stick to pajama bottoms. However, note that not all kinds of pajamas will fit into the trend.

Remember to wear satin or silky pajamas that have flattering playful prints or bold patterns. After all, you still need a touch of glamor. Complete the look with heels, sandals or jewelry, so that no one will assume you are actually off to bed. Take some pointers from Kylie Jenner who paired a Givenchy pajama set with her diamond ring. The trick is to look glamorous but comfy.


5. Turtleneck

Fall Fashion Trends 2016 - Layer a Turtleneck with a 90s Style dress



Transitioning from summer to fall can be pretty exciting. With a lot more layers, there is a lot more room for mixing and matching your outfits. However, should you get rid of your entire wardrobe for last summer? The good news is that you don’t. Take for instance, the turtleneck, a timeless trend that can be layered with almost any kind of outfit. Since they look good with almost anything, then expect to see them everywhere.

Layer the turtleneck under cocktail dresses or use it as a neckline for knit dresses! The low-cut tops and over-the-top sequined dresses will always be wearable this season. What you will love about this trend is that it goes well with almost any body type. You do not need to show off some skin, but you will need to layer it with seasonal patterns, or bold colors.


6. Lurex

Lurex fabric is a Top Fall 2016 Fashion Trend



For those that do not dare to go all out metallic, try Lurex for a subtle way to fit into the trend.  Take note that Lurex is not a cool nickname. It is actually a yarn or fabric that incorporates a glittery metallic thread.

Since it was originally used in the 70's disco era, it might seem familiar. But this season, the Lurex is not a thing of the past but the beginning of the future. Expect to see it in the form of pleated skirts or dresses, and layered under plunge dresses or crewneck tops. To complete the look, match it up with a sequined bomber jacket or a pair of shimmery boots or sandals.


7. Ruffles

Must Have Look for Fall 2016 - Ruffles Fashion



Oversized ruffles from previous seasons might have turned you off, but they are THE trend for this Fall. When done right, they perfectly structure the face and cascade down the hips. This makes them the perfect show-stopper for any extravagant event.

This season, expect to see ruffles on dresses, skirt, sleeves and collars. Unlike other fall trends, there's no need to wear them with jewels. However, what you need to do, is to pull your hair back to accentuate the outfit. Finish the look with a nice pair of pumps and sandals, and you are ready for a dramatic night out.


8. Velvet

Stock up on Velvet Fashion for Fall 2016



Fall fashion trends are all about standing out in slinky ensembles. It is the same way with the velvet. The key to the trend is the desire to stand out, which is why it is worn best with matching sets from top to bottom. The most basic rule for shopping for velvet is to choose the ones rich eye-popping colors. Think seasonal hues such as blue-green, raspberry, plum or burnt sienna. Complete the look with matching knee-high boots or black sandals, though keep it simple with minimal accessories. The highlight should be the shimmery fabric and nothing else.


9. Chokers

Best Accessory for Fall 2016 - Chokers



For the last few weeks, Gigi Hadid certainly proved that chokers are the only accessory that you would ever need. Her outfits have been adorned with chokers— from studded to delicate chains. This certainly proves that the 90s fashion trend is making a speedy revival.  However, this is no surprise. Chokers have a variety of styles so they can easily be paired off with any outfit.


10. Sweater Dresses

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend - Sweater Dresses



There's no better way to transition into the fall than with a nice sweater dress (or five!). For the past few years, sweater dresses have been a style staple for Fall. And who could blame them? It's casual, functional and ideal for any occasion. Plus, they can be worn with whatever you want.  So, expect sweater dresses to look fab with ankle boots, sandals, or even sneakers.  

When shopping for this trend, either wear the ribbed midi version or the oversized slouchy version. To accessorize, try it with a clunky belt or an oversized bag.  The trick here is to be creative. Mix and match a variety of accessories and sweater dresses, until you end up with a work of art.

Fall is a fun mix of the past and the present. With 80s and 70s styles perfectly blending in with futuristic fashion, it is definitely a great time to be alive.


Cover image courtesy of : www.aufeminin.com

Do you know other trends for this season? Are there any trends that you would like to try? Let us know by commenting down below!

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