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Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

Published On: 06-03-2015
Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

We have proposed a few ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day if the standard scene is not your style.

One suggestion was to create a holiday party at your own home.  Whether you are entertaining guests or hosting a party of one, we have have a few drink ideas to get give your celebration the Irish spirit.

1 - Beer 

Though technically not a cocktail, it is a St. Patty's tradition.  A few favorites include Guinness, Harp, and Sam Adams. Whatever your beer of choice, adding a bit of green food coloring will make it an instant classic. Except the Guinness. We're actually not sure how that would turn out but we are interested in finding out. So if you give it a try, please share a photo with us!

Green Beer is a St Patrick's Day tradition

2 - Irish Car Bomb 

Yes, they are as dangerous as they sound!    

Fill a pint glass with a stout beer (like Guinness).

Fill a shot glass almost completely full with an Irish Creme liquor (like Bailey's) and then top with a bit of Irish Whiskey (like Jameson).    

You then drop the full shotglass into the beer and CHUG! When we say chug, we mean it. Drinking quickly is very important for a proper Irish Car Bomb. You do NOT want to wait for the curdle effect!

Irish Car Bomb

3 - Irish Coffee 

Opt for decaffinated if you don't plan on staying up for the night!  

The "The Fancy Pants" Version - Fill a coffee drink glass (like the one in the picture below) with hot black coffee.  Stir in a shot of Irish whiskey and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Stir. Place a spoon so that the domed portion is facing up and the handle is resting on the rim of mug. SLOWLY pour Irish Creme down the dome of the spoon and into the cup to create a layer of cream on top of the coffee. You can add a sprinkle of brown sugar or mint leaf as garnish.

The "I'm staying home so pants are optional" Version - Pour a shot of Irish Whiskey and a shot of Irish Creme into a cup of hot coffee. Stir. Add sugar to taste.

Irish Coffee

4 - Black Velvet 

Break out your favorite party dress and take the celebration up a notch! Pour a flute halfway full of stout and fill the rest of the way with champagne.

Black Velvet

5 - Peppermint Paddy

Add a shot of Irish Creme and a shot of Crème de Menthe to a mug of hot cocoa. Stir. You can top with whipped cream and a splash of Crème de Menthe for an extra seasonal touch.

Peppermint Paddy

6 - Irish Cream and Cream -

About as simple as a cocktail can be; add one shot of Irish Cream to a rocks glass filled with cream and ice. Stir. Garnish with a clover to keep the festive tone for guests.

Irish Cream with Cream

8- Irish Whiskey 

Again, not technically a cocktail, but no St. Paddy's would be complete without a nod to the drink most often associated the Irish.  Serve over rocks or "neat" (no ice) in a rocks glass.

Irish Whiskey for St Patrick's Day

9 - Emerald Isle - 

Fill a coctail shaker with ice. Pour in one shot of gin, two dashes of bitters, and 1 tsp Crème de Menthe the ingredients into it. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Emerald Isle

10 - Crème de Menthe Chocolate Chip Milkshake 

In a pint glass; combine one scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, one shot of Irish Cream, one shot of Crème de Menthe, and fill with cream.   Blend the contents of the pint glass into a blender and add ice as needed for consistancy.  Transfer the blended drink back into the pint glass.

Crème de Menthe Chocolate Chip Milkshake

Which one sounds best to you? Do you have any drink recipes you would like to share?

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