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Top 5 April Fool's Pranks - Submitted By Our Facebook Fans

Teri Bildstein Published On: 04-04-2015
Top 5 April Fool's Pranks - Submitted By Our Facebook Fans

April Fool's Day brings out the trickster in many people.  Our Facebook fans told us about the best pranks they had encountered.  We thought these 5 were the funniest!

Lacy - all the guys at the plant they have a random on sight drug test and watch them file into the bosses office for confession!! Bahhahaha!!

Jade - My brother loves Oreos so I removed all the cream out of the Middle and filled them with toothpaste and put them all back in the biscuit tin.

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Cary Ann - I had a friend with a real lazy boyfriend,so I set up an Easter egg hunt for him. As he found & opened the plastic eggs,they were filled with help wanted ads for jobs!!! Boom!!! 


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Jennifer - Took a screenshot of the laptop desktop, made the screenshot the wallpaper, moved the taskbar, hid the desktop icons, then told my son he gave it a virus. Nothing worked anywhere he clicked


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Cassandra - My brother and his mates stole for sale signs, about 20-30 of them, from his neighbourhood and posted them on the front lawn of his church. Minister was devastated to find the church was being sold and no one told him, as were the faithful attendees. Hillarious Sunday April fools joke that's still talked about two decades later!!