Top 5 Female Celebrities Rocking The Glam Goth Look

Top 5 Female Celebrities Rocking The Glam Goth Look

According to urban dictionary, a glam goth is a male or female who has a more unique fashion sense and dress a little different than the tradition goth. They refence back to the old glam days combine with goths today or in the past. Glam goths are more artsy,avant-garde wear brighter colors of clothes and make-up,they push androgyn to the limit,they care how they look all the time,most of them are straight,but act like they're bi(like most goths do)also glam goths lead the sex,drugs and rock n roll lifestyle to the fullest extent. With inspirations such as the former rock couple Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese, sporting the black leather jackets and spiked clothing, it is no wonder that the world of Glam Goth clothing has exploded onto the mainstream, sported by awesome and stylish celebrities. Here are the top 5 glam goth celebrity looks that deserve a mention;

1) Dita Von Teese

Number one is the former wife of Marilyn Manson. Her hair is silky and smooth, but with its subversive and curly style it suggests an intriguing sense of danger. No wonder she’s considered to be one of the sexiest women out there. Her trademark dark curls are absolutely to die for, with their callback to the 50’s vintage style and silky appeal. You can achieve this hair with the help of GHD curlers and good old hairspray! Sexy and a woman who knows exactly what she likes, Dita Von Teese is the leader in the glam goth area.

2) Anne Hathaway 

Anne Hathaway demonstrated the glam goth look beautifully in her Interview Magazine photo-shoot, with the use of beautiful laced fabric and her black, mysterious dress. Wearing this laced, flower patterned veil, Anne Hathaway looks beautiful and gothic, truly gorgeous. With her black nails, and soft laced choker, she is captivating and dark, a true inspiration. Her beautiful dress is a wonderful example of Glam Goth style, and can be used as an inspiration for a special occasion or night out. This particular look is all about lace and elegance, using mystery and dark fabric to create a seductive look.

3) Rihanna

This good girl gone bad knows how to turn up the sex appeal whenever she can. Rihanna sizzles in her latest fashion shoot, for biannual Berlin-based fashion magazine 032c, of November 2013. The Bajan beauty rocks a selection of outfits from punk to glam goth in the black and white shoot. The pop star shows her signature blend of sexy, dark and edgy as she works the look.

4) Kristen Stewart 

Vamp queen Kristen Stewart is a brilliant Glam Goth inspiration because of her link to the vampire hit film Twilight and rebellious lifestyle. Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron turn on the gothic glam for the June/July issue of Interview magazine 2012. Her dark hair and sharp features did make her the bell of the photoshoot. The outfit embodies the rebellious spirit of the Gothic style, whilst keeping the elegance of Glam.

5) Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been spotted many times with this glam goth look. Last year she attended the UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York City wearing a navy dress from Naeem Khan's spring 2013 collection, and accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and a Judith Leiber clutch. With the cape, dark makeup, and jet black hair, parted down the middle. This being one of many looks Katy Perry has rocked on various red carpets, she is one glamorous goth.

This Glamorous subgenre is often mistaken for well, Goth, however, the differences are important and noticeable. This style is elegant, with sequins and an array of silver spikes, as well as soft vine like patterns and clothes reminiscent of the styles of the 50’s. With certain callbacks to a time gone by, some of the trends in the Glam Goth genre can seem like they were pulled straight out of the past, with gorgeous dark corsets and laced fabric. No wonder celebrities have been sporting this beautiful look, with its mysterious edge and classic beauty. Some male celebrities spotted in this clothing are Adam Lambert

Want to get the look?

Put that bronzer away! To achieve this look yourself, why not grab a plain black laced dress and dark high heels as a base, before adding silver studded accessories to your look and finishing with dark, shadowy makeup. This look is moody and romantic. Keep your hair natural with soft waves in a rich, deep hue. And you needn’t stick to black; think about layering lace, sheer chiffon and velvet textures or opt for deep purple and emerald colours.

This Valquiries Lace dress if paired with different Goth jewelry and Goth women accessories would make for a great Gothic glam look. Find a sexy pair of Goth inspired heels and you are good to go!

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