Top 5 Must Have Goth Essentials

Top 5 Must Have Goth Essentials

The gothic look is one with a subversive, rebellious nature, a mysterious and dark style that sets its wearer apart from the rest. With studs, pitch black fabrics and skull designs, it’s a look that brings the world of death and darkness alive, through stylish corsets and deadly high heels. 

There are a few gorgeous  gothic creations that are so wonderfully dark and brilliant they have moved from the status of stylish wardrobe additions to gothic must have’s. 

This is a guide to the best of the best when it comes to gothic fashion, something to give a little inspiration to all you gothic gods and goddesses out there. 

One: Skull Pattern Tops

Skull patterns tops are a must have for any gothic wardrobe, with their relevance to skull fashion and their rebellious edge. They can be found in many forms, from skull patterned velvet scarves to corsets adorned with the heads of skulls, a skeletal design is guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd and add a little spice to your look.

Two: Victorian Style Dresses 

Victorian style dresses are not only beautiful and elegant, but dark and mysterious. With laced fabric and a dark, historic edge, they are perfect for special occasions and are guaranteed to make their wearer look like a dark, beautiful princess. 

If you want to add a modern twist to the classic Victorian attire, why not try a short, laced black dress with a tight, black corset and high heels. There are many variations of this beautiful look, and whatever your personal style, there’s something to suit you. 

Three: Corsets

Corsets are a great way to synch in your waist and define your body, as well as being pretty and elegant. Originating from the 18th century, they are still a fashionable addition to any outfit, and having passed the test of time, they are worthy of being a gothic must have.

Four: Studs and Spikes

Studs and spikes are a brilliant way to show rebellion, and as they can be worn with casual attire or dressed up with a more formal dress or black suit, they are perfect for any occasion. With a multitude of options included studded converse shows, black leather jackets adorned with silver studs, and spiked high heels, studs and spikes are a diverse and fun way to spice up your wardrobe. 

Five: Leather Jackets

Originating in the rock genre, the leather jacket can be used as a finishing touch to a gothic outfit, with its comfort and style it goes great with almost anything. Try a leather jacket over a tight black dress and spiked high heels, or black skinny jeans and a patterned top for a more casual look. 

There are many ways to achieve the gothic look, whether your looking for a vintage Victorian style, or a more modern rebellious look, there are lots of options out there, from tight black mini skirts to silver chained jewelry and much more. Use your imagination and get creative, and the gothic look can be yours. 

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