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Valentine's Day Fashion For 5 Style Personalities

Valentine's Day Fashion For 5 Style Personalities

Valentine's Day is a special day for expressing love, appreciation, and affection. Whether you're spending it with a significant other or just want to show some self-love, you deserve to look and feel your best. To help you find the perfect Valentine's Day outfit, we've put together fashion recommendations for five different style personalities. Read on to discover the perfect outfit for your unique taste and style!

Let Valentine's Day bring out the romanticism in you!


If you’re an ultra, head-in-the-clouds romantic, it’s likely that you absolutely adore Valentine’s Day. If you’re a rebellious cynic, on the other hand, you may laugh and call it “totally commercial.” But either way, this holiday often makes a girl feel all giddy inside (whether she admits it or not) and excited to pick out the perfect celebratory outfit. In addition to finding the perfect type of lingerie for Valentine’s Day – something both you and your sweetie will swoon over – piecing together a look that will add to the magic of your day is important.

But doing so shouldn’t be a crazy-challenging experience! Getting ready for an evening out with your significant other should be enjoyable, especially when you have your outfit prepared ahead of time. Need some help? Keep reading to pinpoint your style personality and learn which items are worth paying attention to.  


1. Pretty ‘N Punk 

Plaids with red and black have been a rebel signature style for decades. And the Pretty ‘N Punk girl knows that she can easily maintain her rebellious streak on this romantic day, simply due to the popularly associated Valentine’s Day colors already in her closet. Just a little more leather and a pair of awesome stilettos to turn up the heat!

Pair your plaid up with black leather for a rockin' Valentine's Day!


2. Gorgeously Goth

Black will always be the new black with gothic girls, as they have no problem rejecting the pop fashion trends of today. Valentine’s Day is no exception! In order to create a gorgeously goth fashion statement on Valentine’s Day, consider major drama! Delicately hooded coats, sexy corset tops, and romantic goth dresses are ultra-feminine clothing that can add to the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. After all, the gorgeously goth is all about enhancing her mysterious personality with the right pieces.

Embrace your dark and mysterious vibe with black lace and corsets on Valentine's Day!


3. Beautifully Boho

When it comes to love, a boho babe is mostly concerned about its universal language and how it affects the world around her. A natural free spirit who finds truth in both Cat Stevens and Erykah Badu, this style maven doesn’t follow trends – she creates them. And Valentine’s Day is just another time to express her inner flower child. Fringes, tiered skirts, laced black or red dresses, and beaded jewelry are elements that help a boho babe make a loving statement without having to say a word.

Spread more love and positivity on Valentine's Day with beautiful, boho pieces!


4. Simply Stunning

For a minimalist, the approach to getting ready for a Valentine’s Day dinner is built around making a simply stunning statement with a “less is more” mentality. This type of personality rarely needs the entire room’s attention. It’s about making a subtle fashion statement with key, versatile items so that her tailoring and simplistic perspective of true style is clearly communicated. This remains the goal for any holiday, including Valentine’s Day. Whether single and having dinner with the girls or coupled and enjoying a night at the theatre with her partner, the minimalist can let her personality shine with classic trends in solid colors and architecturally unique details.

Make a simple statement with minimalist fashion on Valentine's Day!


5. Passionately Vintage

Whether you exude Elizabeth Taylor’s glamorous style or consider yourself more of a Billie Holiday-esque downtown darling, Valentine’s Day is made for lovers. Tailored dresses, kitten heels, bauble necklaces, and floral headpieces are just a few fashion flashbacks that will embrace a vintage vamp’s old soul. Looking forward to a night out at the theatre with your date? Or possibly, a late-night romantic rendezvous over coffee and cigars? The vintage vamp has no problem making her love known on this special day. H

These looks are great Valentine's Day fashion options for vintage lovers!


How would you describe your Valentine's Day style? Let us know in the comments below!




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