Wave Gotik Treffen - The Biggest Gotik Festival In the World

Wave Gotik Treffen - The Biggest Gotik Festival In the World

For one week in early June, during the Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig turns into a little ”Halloween town”.

The City Atmosphere

The whole city is in the gothic spirit, you can find “Goths welcome” signs on ordinary shops and fast food stores - and see black balloons at McDonald’s! They say that even H&M used to decorate their shop windows in black!

At time of the festival, Snapchat also had filters such as “my goth look” or “alles Schwartz” (all black) when you checked into Leipzig. You could also buy stuff like black wings and black “misfortune” cookies at ordinary stationery shops. People in black suits crinolines and corsets were seen everywhere at any time of day, and the historic atmosphere of the city only added to the general old-timey feel.

I was looking at all the people with colored hair, piercings and tattoos and thought to myself – alternative is definitely not dead!

Wave Gotik Treffen Events

If you typically don’t enjoy the big crowds, basically you can have fun all over the city. If you haven't read my Wave Gotik Treffen concert report, you can find it here

As for other events, we attended the Steampunk picnic on the 2nd day of the festival. Yes, we also brought food and wine which was a really extraordinary experience for me (I’m goth, I don’t do nature!). The main attraction was of course the people who dressed up in steampunk gear, and even brought props for pictures to make our photography job easier.

There was stuff like guns, telescopes, mechanical wings, old books, you name it! You could really tell that people put effort into their looks and played the part.

On the 3rd day we visited the Medieval market, where you could find – you guessed it, people in interesting medieval attire. You could also come across blacksmiths, spice vendors and rune readers (my rune reading was spot on!).

There was also a Victorian picnic but unfortunately we missed it :(

For anyone thinking of attending WGT, my advice is this  – wander the streets of Leipzig, go see your favorite bands, enjoy the show, but don’t forget to sit and have some cheese and a glass of wine!


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