What Is The Right Way to Wear Tights

What Is The Right Way to Wear Tights

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Every morning, I wake up and prepare for a nice jog around my neighbourhood. Being a woman of a ‘certain age’, I have come to appreciate healthy living and healthy lifestyles more as compared to when I was younger. I have also learnt to appreciate my body as a woman, especially my legs, which I try to show off every opportunity I get! However, I get really cold really fast, and so I discovered tights; the perfect yet subtle way to show off my legs without compromising my health! I also have to admit that I am really not a fan of pants, and would be very comfortable wearing my skirts and dresses all week long. Since I discovered tights however, my confidence has been on point, and I never have to worry about pants no more because I practically can wear my tights with any dress or skirt, and I have a variety of options to choose from!

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That said, I have seen a lot of women with tights, some looking absolutely gorgeous, while the rest leave you wondering whether they were misguided by whoever complimented them first or they just have no idea what is going on! Why? Because they wear their tights all wrong! You see, just like there is a way in which you should or are expected to pour your wine into a glass, or drive on a highway, so is the expectation with tights – there’s a way to wear them. There are many factors to consider including your age, the rest of your accessories including your outfit, the occasion, and your comfort of course… the list is endless!

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The best place to start is to make sure your tights match your skirt or dress, match your shoes, or both! This makes it easy on the eyes in terms of the flow of your outfit, and it will make your feet stand out especially if worn with a plain skirt or dress. This is mainly for plain coloured dark tights. Try and avoid screaming coloured tights or the patterned ones unless the patterns blend in well with the rest of your outfit. I personally love black tights. They suit almost all my occasions, and go with almost everything I wear. I especially think a black skirt or dress with plain black tights and black heels go awesomely perfect together, and looks classy and elegant! I also think plain black tights slim out your legs, making them look longer. I have seen younger girls also pair up their black plain tights with socks and a denim skirt and it’s a style I think looks great, even though just for a particular generation. Additionally, you can rock your black tights with standout flats of a different colour (remember to match your black tights to your skirt or dress), to stand out in a crowd.

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The other option is to go with sheer nude tights. These are best worn when you really do not want to conceal any part of your leg, but still want to wear tights either because you feel comfortable that way, or you have an official function and don’t want to wear your short dress without something covering the legs, or simply because that is your style! The Duchess of Cambridge is an example of a woman who has brought back the nude tights into fashion displaying elegance and class. Try wearing your black or grey semi-sheer tights with a black short and ankle boots and for a perfect evening date.

Another option to consider for tights are the fishnets. Well, personally, I would never wear these, since it’s always very hard for me to match them up with anything; skirt, dress, shorts… I also feel like I should leave the fishnets to other women, especially younger women as they can easily get away with a lot of innovated styles that would be considered cool (just playing it safe here). However, if I must wear the fishnets, then I would try really hard to match them with a classy dress or skirt, and would really just stick to either black or nude fishnets.

Flowered or patterned tights.

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Well, well, well…! What can I say about these except that I try to avoid them too? Why? Because they can also be quite tricky to wear. The wrong choice of patterned tights or matching them with the wrong outfit can change your otherwise comfortable look to a trashy mess! They can also attract too much unwanted attention to your legs, ignoring the rest of your outfit. If I must wear these, then I would go with black, and if I have to choose a different colour, then it would be a dull colour like navy blue or grey, matching it with a plain outfit.

Coloured tights


As much as I am in love with black tights, I have to admit that I have seen women in brightly coloured tights, and they were totally rocking their outfits! I think coloured tights bring edginess and freshness to an outfit, especially if paired with a black outfit. However, coloured tights can also be matched with patterned clothes with an additional few colours, but only if you can match the colours really well, otherwise you will be a walking disaster! On the other hand, fewer colours do not always guarantee that you will look great either. The idea is, get creative, see what works, and go with that. Imagine for instance, having a short black dress, then matching it with bright blue tights, and even brighter boots…DON’T.

Knee high tights.


Wear these only with long skirts or with pants. Many women make the mistake of wearing knee high tights with short skirts, and with the knee out in the open. That is not only unattractive, but can mess up a really classy outfit! What would be worse is to wear knee high fishnets or patterned knee high tights. If unsure about your look, avoid them at all costs.

Footless tights.

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Although these are mostly popular with celebrities and fashion models, I say wear them if you like them. Some are designed for athletes while the rest are mainly for casual wear, so if you can pull the look, then by all means don’t hold back! I wouldn’t know how to wear these, so any ideas are welcome.

With all the options I have given above, I bet some of you are wondering… do you ever stop wearing tights? When do you decide that today is not a good day for tights? Well, when the temperatures are soaring and the weather is crazy hot, you will be doing yourself no justice wearing tights. Even for a tight fanatic like me, I have to literally ‘let go’ of my favourite foot wear if the weather does not allow it. I know women who opt for over the knee socks as a tight alternative, but I would be comfortable just baring my legs.