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What NOT to Say To Goth Girls - A Must See Video.

Wanjiru Kimani Updated: 03-01-2019
What NOT to Say To Goth Girls - A Must See Video.

Many times as Goth or alternative people, we have a hard time doing simple things like walking down the street! Countless stares, gaping mouths to never ending cascade of questions make up most of our routines. This video does a great job of combining the most common question Goths receive. This video is for all those people who constantly feel the need to touch and gawk at Goth girls without giving it a second thought. 

Please take a lesson from this video and be more considerate next time.  

Enjoy this video from Toxic Tears. 

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Do you have any other Goth questions that set you off? If you are not a Goth, have you learnt anything from this video? We would love to hear from you.