What To Wear For Graduation

What To Wear For Graduation

Congrats! You have (almost) officially made it. The big day is finally around the corner and its time to put on that cap and gown. You would think the fact that part of your outfit being pre-selected would help you relax, but no- there’s still that inevitable panic of what the Hell to wear underneath your robe. After all, even though your class will all be wearing similar robes, there are still plenty of ways for you to make a statement. We have a few outfits that will have you prepared before, during, and after your graduation!

Classic White

Even if you rarely wear white, graduation is the one time where the clean crisp color works. It also is considered a color of rebirth and new beginnings, so it is very fitting for the occasion. It also leaves room for you to do that crazy bedazzling to your cap without it clashing with your outfit. Think minimalistic fashion- a white bodycon dress, a black leather bracelet, and a simple pop of color in either your shoes or earrings. The minimalist believes less is more, that is why it’s important to make sure the accessories you do choose count.  With the use of certain fabrics we can also create a more edgy fashion look while staying true to the necessities- a white mesh top and high-waisted midi skirt would turn heads both on and off the stage.

Floral Frenzy

Floral fashion works in both spring and summer (especially during festival season!), and is a great option to wear under your gown. It also can transition well from graduation, to say that pool party right after, especially when your dress is in a chiffon fabric. If you don’t already have beach plans and a sexy swimsuit picked out, a strapless floral print dress with bright colored wedges will surely have you wishing you did.

If you would prefer this outfit in skirt form, try a pleated skirt with a graphic tank or a lacey Victorian blouse- just remember to wear something breathable since it may get hot under your robes. We love the idea of a flower power headband to go along with the outfit, especially if you are opting for a lace dress or skirt option. Since you will have your cap on, adorning it with a few of your favorite flowers would show add to your floral look and give some personality to your cap.

Goth Grad

This is the day every Goth girl waits for, so go ahead and represent your skull-loving style during graduation. Skull fashion ranges, so you may be the girl that wears a cool skeleton dress, or the girl that decides to just represent with a pair of dangly skull earrings. Either way, just decide on one focal point and build from there. If pastel Goth is more your area, bright colored hair would make a huge statement under that hard earned cap. A skull candy printed skater dress and studded shoes would be a good combination. Being that you do have to walk across the stage, we would recommend that you wear stylish yet easy to walk in shoes. Platforms come will skulls, studs, or even your basic black, and are still pretty comfortable.

Do you have any cute graduation outfits to suggest? Do any of our ideas catch your eye? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


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