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Pokemon Trainers - What To Wear For Pokemon Go

Kelsey Foster Update on 29-06-2018
Pokemon Trainers - What To Wear For Pokemon Go

Nineties kids everywhere are living their childhood's wildest dreams of being a Pokemon master by collecting Pokemon through the new app, Pokemon Go. Unless you've been living under a rock in the Arctic tundra, you're probably familiar with the craze that's boosted Nintendo's worth by nine billion dollars within just a few days.

While fun, catching them all can be a bit exhausting. First world problems, am I right? You might as well make the most of the experience and dress for the part- which is exactly what we're here for!

We'll get you covered with a few obvious and not- so- obvious fashion tips for the best way to get your game on in comfort. Let's begin the journey to nostalgia, shall we?


Wear Comfy Shoes


Flashback to the Nineties with Pokémon GO
Coco Rosa


Yes, we're playing the role of Captain Obvious here with this tip. But seriously, you could be walking miles during the course of playing this app- don't do it in impractical shoes that will give you blisters. We interviewed the top Pokemon trainers worldwide and got their advice for the best shoes to wear on the hunt. Okay, we actually didn't. But when it comes to footwear, it's best to go with the tried and true. Streetwear sneakers and sturdy combat boots are our faves, but as long as you have some arch support and no tall heels, you're covered.


Stay Visible


Stay visible when hunting for Pokémon!
Bright Bazaar Blog


Please, please, please do not be one of those people running out in traffic or voluntarily crossing a crowded highway on foot just to pursue Pokemon. With that being said, if you have the urge to hunt for Pokemon at night, it's a good plan to wear clothing that is bright or reflective so that cars and passersby can actually see you.

While our hearts are set on black clothing, go for light or neon colors like white, orange, pink, and yellow when you're venturing into the dark. If you wish to go the extra step, reflective clothing tape is easy enough to put on any outfit you're wearing without having to buy something completely new. Focus on comfortable fashion like patterned leggings, stretchy jeans, and graphic t-shirts as your go- to apparel for Pokemon Go. You never know, you may just need to do some serious parkour to get to the rare little guys- and nobody needs to be ripping his or her pants to do so. Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are recommended for high- intensity Pokemon Go players.


Look Mom, No Hands!


If you plan on playing Pokémon GO for hours, keep provisions in a cute hands free bag.
Aminta Online


One last, very important tip is to wear a handless bag to keep all of your necessities- a cell phone to call someone when you get lost hunting for Pokemon, a portable charger, and your credit card to buy more data because the game uses up so much of it. Steampunk holster- style bags, crossbody or messenger bags, and cool backpacks are great options to pack everything you need without having to lug around bags with bulky handles. Come on now, you can't have any interference when you're in game mode. 


Here's to hoping that if this article didn't help you out, you found it entertaining. Good luck out there catching them all, and be safe! 


Do you have any Must-Haves for Pokémon Go outtings? Leave your tips in the comments below!


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