What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

Are you wondering what to wear to a winter wedding? Whether you’re attending as a guest or are the bride or groom, you’ll want to look your best for the big day. With the right outfit, you can look festive, stylish, and totally appropriate for the occasion. Read on for tips on how to plan your winter wedding look.

No matter if you’re pro-marriage or not, there is something kinda sweet about attending a wedding. Witnessing two people “tie the knot” generally gives us that good ‘ol feeling of love all around, which usually creates a joyous energy in the air. And naturally, when you are a close friend, colleague, or relative, then it’s likely you’ll be especially emo on their big day. “But what do I wear to a winter wedding?” Great question. The goth girl is someone who is likely to turn toward strong black pieces to create an outfit that proves her conspicuously dark and mysterious personality, making it very clear what she’s about – and what she’s not about.


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Maintaining individuality in the goth culture is important, especially when it comes to style and letting your morbidly love for the unusual shine through. So if you have a wedding to attend soon, and find yourself slightly cringing at the thought of trying to put together a traditional, feminine wedding outfit…stop it. You can easily show your personality on a “romantic day” using fashion items that are near and dear to you.

Whether you’re attending an ultra-conservative church ceremony or need to truck it miles for a bohemian, barefoot ceremony on the beach, these outfits are versatile and feature key pieces that you are likely to already own!


The Black Lace Mini

Lace is beautifully unique because it remains a classic material that never goes out of style. It symbolizes ultra-femininity, romance, and elegance. And when worked into a goth girl’s outfit, it gains even more personality as it communicates her delicate sense of mystery. That said a wedding is the perfect place to wear a black lace mini dress! Completely versatile, this style can be worn with or without patterned tights, and looks great with any hairstyle and hair color. By mixing in different material, such as vinyl, velvet, and/or polyester, you’ll be adding more depth and personality to your overall look. The weather and location of the wedding will be deciding factors as to how you layer and accessorize, and the type of shoe to wear. After all, platforms and an icy ground don’t mix well.

The lace dress is an elegant choice for a winter wedding!Rebelmarket Dresses


The Long, Dark Maxi

A long-sleeve, maxi dress in black – or another relatively dark hue – is also a lovely choice for a wedding. This is due to the sleek, graceful, and ultra-feminine quality of this look. If the winter chills are bearable and you prefer to go coat-less or cape-less, this style offers practical warmth as well simply due to the long sleeves and length of the dress. Whether worn with stiletto booties or a Mary Jane heel, the dark maxi dress -- as well as a long black skirt -- is that wardrobe staple all goth girls wear well. Try a fancy statement necklace or a simple choker with a long sleeve dress for extra drama! 

The black maxi dress is a sleek and simple choice for a winter wedding! Pinterest


The Ruffled Skirt

For a completely different winter wedding look, you may want to go goth-punk in a Lolita-esque, ruffled skirt. From a handkerchief hem to the multilayer lace fish tail, there are various types of mysteriously fun and flirty skirts to consider for a potentially-stiff wedding. Once you decide that the ruffled skirt will be your statement piece of the outfit, everything else usually comes into place (like finding the perfect goth inspired jacket)! The ruffled skirt can appear simple, glam, or bohemian, which all depends on how you style it! Either way, the ruffled skirt is definitely “wedding-appropriate.” Just beware: the beauty of it may spark up conversation with strangers you don’t really care to talk to!

A ruffled skirt can be worn several ways for a winter wedding! Pinterest



Are you attending a wedding this winter? Which look communicates your style personality the best? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with us!


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