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What To Wear When Traveling South For The Winter

What To Wear When Traveling South For The Winter

Just what does a cold-climate style maven wear when it’s time to travel to warmer areas in the winter? Because “layering” is the key to surviving the chill, the most logical answer would be: simply wear less layers. This is very true, but there’s another factor that needs to be considered as you plan for your trip. What we’re talking about here is the beauty and power of versatile fashion.



If you’re used to feeling like an icicle while shopping along Times Square or even standing in line for a cheesesteak on the cultured streets of Philly, you may not be able to imagine wearing less than two to three tops under your coat. But this is totally possible when traveling to southern areas! Whether you’re planning a girls’ trip to Miami or a family trip to Austin, now is the time to focus on preparing your looks with versatile pieces that don't require as much layering (if at all!). We absolutely understand the importance in maintaining one’s signature, unique style no matter the environment. 

So how do you determine what to travel with and what to leave nicely hung and folded in your closet? After you’re sure of the basics, such as the length of time regarding your stay and what to bring with you on your trip, start thinking about how to put together outfits with some of your fave winter items – the versatile items that serve both functional and fashionable purposes. Here are 3 ideas: 


1. Hang Out In A Hoodie

One of the most versatile types of outerwear, the hoodie can be worn snuggly under a pea coat or a flight jacket when the pouring rain hits. On a different note, it can also be worn over a simple tee when the sun is shining! For a night out in the city that only calls for light coverage, try turning your cool hoodie into a hot commodity and wear with a skull print bikini top, sexy pair of leggings, dramatic heels, and bold accessories. And should a random sprinkle occur or you face sudden swift winds, you can take advantage of the hood and protect your fabulous ‘do!

The hoodie offers both functional and fashionable purposes!



2. Turn To A Scarf For Instant Style 

The options a gal has with scarves is truly endless. The color/prints, texture, length, and fabric to choose from are vast, and make for a fun accessory to play with for both practical and aesthetic purposes! And just as this chic accessory can help calm your shivers in the cold, it can also add great style to a simple, warmer-weather outfit. The versatility of the scarf also lies in the fact that it can be worn with nearly any type of outfit. Leggings, jeans, shorts, or even a short black skirt get an instant dose of elegance and coziness with the right scarf.


Add a cozy vibe to your outfit with a scarf -- perfect for cold or warm weather!



3. Show Off Your Tailored Statement Jacket

In the cold weather, tailored statement jackets can work well with tons of layering – as long as the tops are on the thinner side. Due to the fitting quality of a tailored jacket, wearing it with multiple layers may constrain your arm movement after awhile. On the other hand, tailored statement outerwear, such as a Goth Jacket, does great in warmer weather because heavier layering is not needed. So when it comes to traveling to a southern climate in the winter, most definitely bring your treasured jacket! Wear with a sheer top for comfort and a sexy edge, and voila – your unique style is intact even in a different environment! 

A tailored statement jacket allows for less layering in the sunny weather!



Are you traveling to a warmer climate this winter? Which pieces will you make sure to bring with you? Share you feedback with us and comment below! 


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Main photos courtesy of National Geographic and The Huffington Post