What To Wear While Your Tattoos Heal

What To Wear While Your Tattoos Heal

Whether you’re planning to get a tattoo for the first time or ready to add more ink to your sleeve, the summer outfits you wear throughout your healing process should be chosen consciously based on the bodily location of your tattoo. Here are some tips regarding the cool fashion pieces that will accentuate your tattoos to as you heal from getting fresh ink!


Tank Tops

New sleeve tattoo? Tank tops are your best friend during the healing process.

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When it comes to getting a new tattoo on your arms, wearing a sleeveless top makes the most sense. From the initial time in the chair to your everyday life thereafter, having a selection of cheap tank tops to wear is a great option! Not only does it make sense because it’s crazy hot this summer already, but it allows your hands and arms to be free as you heal. That said, the downside to getting a tattoo in the summer is that you have to mindfully steer clear of direct sunrays as much as possible, especially during the 2-4 weeks that you’re healing:


“The single greatest enemy of any tattoo in summer is the sun. The reason is that a tattoo is made up of pigment, and some organic pigments are prone to fading  when exposed to UV rays. That means if you’ve got something coloured, and you leave it in the sun; it’ll fade pretty fast.”


As for wearing a sleeveless blouse to work in the office, especially when there’s a strict dress code, turn to kimonos and loose cardigans for cover-ups, comfort and a chic appeal.


Denim Shorts

Cute denim shorts will allow your leg tattoos space to heal. They are also a cute style option for showing off your new ink when it is ready to share with the world!

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Whether you’re planning to get ink on your upper thigh or on your lower calf, having a few pairs of denim shorts to wear during your healing process makes sense! They are unobtrusive and a favorite summer fashion item that goes with any type of graphic teeWant an alternative to jean shorts? Try a pair of cotton shorts or bikini bottoms when you’re hanging out at home. Other pieces that will help your tattoo breath in a more formal setting include: long gothic maxi skirt and full-legged trousers. 


Tube Tops and Crop Tops

Cute crop tops are the perfect choice while your back or stomach tattoo heals.

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Although some of the coolest-looking tattoos are on the midriff and upper/lower back, these areas don’t necessarily make for an easy healing period. From subconsciously using stomach muscles as you get up from the table to reaching for an old blouse toward the back of your closet, your daily muscle activity will consistently remind you that you’re healing from a tattoo. So bring on the sexy tube tops and cute crop tops! If you are healing from a tummy tat and/or lower back tattoo, then a boxy crop top is a great choice. A tube top, on the other hand, works well for a tummy tat as well as upper and lower back tattoos. Both style tops can be worn under a casual punk rock jacket or a lightweight cardigan if it’s a chilly, summer day. Both are pretty much no-no’s for a formal work job by themselves, so get creative with proper, professional layering if need be!


The Maxi Dress

Open back maxi dresses are an elegant way to protect healing back tattoos.

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When it comes to healing from your recent tattoo, one of the surefire pieces of clothing that you can count on for comfort and cute style is the loose, strapless maxi dress. Whether your tattoo is on your legs, upper back, lower back, midriff, or neck, this type of summer dress is that go-to one piece you can practically live in. From a strapless style to a long-sleeve style, the overall comfort level throughout is favored among edgy fashionistas everywhere. A maxi dress is also super-versatile! You can wear it under a blazer for work or over your skull swimsuit on the beach after you heal. Maxi dresses come in both solid colors and vibrant prints, such as stripes and florals. 



Foot and ankle tattoos can be painful while healing. Comfortable footwear is must during the process.

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The shoes you wear for the first couple of weeks after getting a new foot tattoo play a pretty crucial role in your overall comfort. So in order to figure out which type of shoe will aid your healing process the best, you must keep the location of your tattoo in mind. Do you want a gothic symbol on your ankle? Perhaps mini-flowers on your toes? Flip-flops or cute sandals may be your best. The biggest challenge that could present itself is how to keep your new foot tattoo protected and private at work (if you work in a conservative environment). Be sure to check your dress code manual and take notice if other chicks are wearing sandals or an open-toed vintage heel of some sort. You may also want to consider maxi skirts or wide leg pants that will cover your entire feet – especially if you have a major design on the top of ‘em. Be smart!


What are you favorite go-to pieces to wear when getting a new tattoo? Feel free to share your experiences with us in a comment below!


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