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Why Is Everyone Fascinated By The End Of The World?

Belle Morte Last update: 03-01-2019
Why Is Everyone Fascinated By The End Of The World?

Whether you’ve been alive for one decade or several, you’ve probably faced at least one apocalypse scare in your lifetime. But, why is it we all seem so fascinated with the end of time and the world as we know it? We have romanticized the apocalypse with films, books, music, and even each call to arms or alarmist scare that we face. But, what do we have when we get to the root of all that is our fascination with post apocalyptic scenarios? Well, there are several reasons we as humans may be attracted to the apocalypse like moths are to flame, and most are purely based in psychology.

End of the world

1. Power:

Humans seem to have a supreme need for power. Whether that’s in their daily lives or over the world around them, this also stems toward the apocalypse and what it could mean for the human species as a whole. As we speculate on when and how the apocalypse will occur, we try to base it off of scientific and theoretical processes to pin-point when and if an apocalypse will ever actually happen. That isn’t to say that we’ll be overrun by zombies any time soon, but there is a very real concern about the changing of weather and whether or not Mother Nature will be taking her world back any time soon.

These apocalyptic predictions are usually a play at power and hope that we can stop the next greatest threat to our nations.

Power to survive
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2. There’s No Consequences for Tomorrow:

Another reason we’re all fascinated by the apocalypse and the possibility of living in a post-apocalyptic world is that we could be free of our day to day stressors. Have a mortgage? No problem, the apocalypse will fix that.

No Debt

3. Self Reflection:

More often than not, the scare of an apocalypse turns our thoughts inward. Would you truly be happy about how you lived your life if the world were to end tomorrow? What regrets would you have? How can you change it?

We’ve all seen this happen a time or two in our lives and there is always that one person who makes amends for all of their wrong-doing. You know, just in case.

Are you happy with your life choices?

4. Mass Death Wish:

Let’s face it; the population of the human species is obsessed with death. That’s perhaps why we have dreamt up zombies and vampires. With each apocalypse threat, there seems to be a mass focus on the “what ifs” of the eradication of our species from the planet.

At the end of the day, we’ll all expire, but the need to do so with those you love seems to be a major factor in why we’re so fascinated with post apocalyptic scenarios.

Angels of Death
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5. Starting Fresh:

The thought of a fresh start in the world is an overwhelming popular want among the human species, that is, unless you’re a millionaire with friends, love, and everything you could possibly want out of life. The base-line consensus is that it may be fascinating to wake up to a new world, even if most of the population had been eradicated. You and your family could wake up and find yourselves in charge of a land that has dramatically changed, giving you the ability to make way for a new era of living in the world.

A New Day

6. Religion:

Whether we like it or not, religion often times plays a huge role in the apocalypse scenarios that we’re faced with on a semi-regular basis. While you may not be a part of the certain religion, chances are, you will hear about their predicted apocalypse and will be asked to repent for any wrong-doings. While this isn’t necessarily a bad reason for the apocalypse to be brought about, the chances of it are fairly slim compared to environmental change or the possibility of a super-bug being transmitted globally.


All in all, there are many reasons we’re fascinated with post apocalyptic scenarios. Luckily, they’re a thing of entertainment on our boring days. 

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